Pakistan polio campaign suspended after attacks on female workers- 6 killed-WHO and UNICEF condemn attacks- People are suspicious after fake vaccination for UBL

Islamabad; Dec 18 (Monitoring Desk) -- A campaign to eradicate polio from the northwest tribal region of Pakistan is on hold after fatal attacks on health workers vaccinating children, the Government said Tuesday.

Six polio vaccination workers were killed in attacks in Pakistan since Monday, the World Health Organization and Pakistani police told CNN Tuesday.
Another attack last July wounded a WHO doctor and his driver while they worked on the polio campaign in Karachi.

World Prematurity Day Highlights Effective, Low-cost Care For Saving Preterm Babies In Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, 17 November 2012: With 748,100 preterm births recorded every year, Pakistan is observing the World Prematurity Day today to show its commitment to reduce preterm mortality.World Prematurity Day is part of a global effort to raise awareness of the deaths and disabilities due to prematurity, which is regarded as one of the leading causes of newborn deaths worldwide. Yet 75 per cent of these babies could be saved without high technology care through simple, proven and effective measures.

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