New Financial Controls at DISCOs to Enhance Accountability

Islamabad( Staff Reporter ) The United States Agency of International Development USAID Power Distribution Program (PDP) is working with government-owned power distribution companies (DISCOs) to improve their revenues and financial futures. Few key areas where PDP has been assisting DISCOs include optimization of accounting and internal audit processes, financial forecast models and assistance in providing roadmap for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation.

USAID Launches Pakistan Private Investment Initiative to Mobilize at Least $150 Million in Private Equity Investment

Dubai( PR ) Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah, announced the Pakistan Private Investment Initiative with the Abraaj Group and JS Private Equity Management.

USAID’s Program to Curb Unscheduled Load Shedding

Islamabad (Commerce Reporter)The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Power Distribution Program has successfully implementing its “Load Data Improvement Program” in DISCOs, which aims to minimize unscheduled load shedding.

USAID provides scholarships to conflict victims in FATA and KP

ISLAMABAD; 09 May 2013 {Staff Reporter + DNA }The U.S. Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has issued five educational scholarships to children affected by conflicts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) earlier this week. Over the next three years, USAID will provide a total of 1,000 educational scholarships to support conflict victims.

US awards 115 scholarships to Gilgit-Baltistan teachers

GILGIT, MAY 02 ( PR + DNA) – The United States celebrated the continued success of programs to educate the teachers of Pakistan today in a ceremony in Gilgit. The United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), awarded 115 scholarships for future educators who will study in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, including at Karakoram International University, the College of Education, and the Elementary College of Education (Women).

U.S. Sponsors Study Tour for Commercial Energy Sector Officials

Islamabad, March 25, 2013 { Diplomatic Reporter }– The U.S. Government organized a study tour for professionals from Pakistan’s government-owned power distribution companies (DISCOs) to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia. Exposure to efficient energy operations was intended to teach Pakistani energy professionals how to strengthen commercial operations and customer service, as well as professional development at DISCOs which are responsible for managing the distribution of energy throughout the country.

U.S. Ambassador Richard Olson Celebrates Tourism Recovery in Swat Valley

Islamabad, March 14, 2013 – Today in Islamabad, U.S. Ambassador Richard Olson and the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, Shaukat Ullah Khan, joined business owners to celebrate the dramatic economic recovery of Swat Valley. Thanks to a strong partnership between the U.S.

یو ایس ایڈ کی پاکستانی حکومتی اہلکاروں کو بدعنوانی سے پاک ماحول کے چیمپئن بننے میں مدد

اسلام آباد، 4 ديسمبر 2012: امریکی ادارہ برائے بین الاقوامی ترقی (یو ایس ایڈ) نے تین سینیئر پاکستانی عہدے داروں کو پندرھویں بین الاقوامی انسداد بدعنوانی کانفرنس
میں شرکت کے لئے مالی تعاون فراہم کیا۔ آئی اے سی سی نے تبدیلی کےعوامل کو باہم جوڑنے اور ان کو حرکت میں لانے پر توجہ مرکوزکی تاکہ اس بات کو یقینی بنایا جاسکے کہ زیادہ شفافیت اور احتساب کے مطالبات سے ہی پائیدار تبدیلی کا راستہ پیدا ہوتاہے۔ امریکہ بدعنوانی کے خلاف جنگ کا عہد کئے ہوئے ہے اور اکیسویں صدی میں اچھی ، شفاف اورجوابدہی پر مبنی حکمرانی کو فروغ دینے کے لئے مصروف عمل ہے۔

COMING FROM F.A.T.A. Positive stories- stories of promise- “photo camp” by USAID

ISLAMABAD, OCT 18 (Staff Reporter) The United States, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), sponsored a six-day “photo camp” for 15 young aspiring journalists from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Rodger Garner, USAID Acting Mission Director, formally inaugurated a photo exhibition Thursday at a local hotel that showcases photos by the participants of that training.


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