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Islamabad: To mark the 2018 World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO Pakistan jointly with the European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Embassy of Sweden organized the World Press Freedom Day celebration in Islamabad. 

KC-EU holds ‘Signatures campaign’ on Kashmir in Sweden

Oslo ( World Monitoring Desk + DNA ) -Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) has organised a camp in connection with its widespread awareness movement on Kashmir issue titled ‘One Million Signature Campaign’ in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, says a press release received from Brussels on Saturday.

A number of the people paid attention and supported the human rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) by making their signature on the documents of the campaign. Local NGOs and social activists based in Sweden supported for holding one-day camp in Stockholm.

Sweden appointes new Ambassador to Pakistan

Stockholm; 17 May 2013 { Monitoring Desk } The Government of Sweden appointed Tomas Rosander Ambassador to Pakistan. He is currently anti-terrorism coordinator at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Security Policy Department. He has previously served at the Embassies in Tehran, Washington and London, and in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Americas Department and Press, Information and Communication Department. He has also been Consul-General in Los Angeles. Mr Rosander will take up his new post in late autumn 2013.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark, will be the major partners in development of Afghanistan; Volvo designed buses are now plying in Lahore; Military cooperation for the moment is not intensive; Sweden to support Pak bid for GSP plus- Mr. Lars-Hjalmar Wide

ISLAMABAD, FEB 08 (DNA) -Mr. Lars-Hjalmar Wide, Ambassador of Sweden has said his country wished a peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another through elections.

He said this while giving an exclusive interview to Ansar Mahmood Bhatti here the other day.

The Swedish ambassador said elections were the only means for any change as no one would allow and accept any change facilitated by undemocratic forces.

Swedish charity worker died- perpetrators will be brought to justice- Pakistan

STOCKHOLM:Dec 14- Sweden’s government says an elderly Swedish woman who was shot by a gunman while working as a volunteer in Pakistan has died from her wounds.
Birgitta Almeby, who was in her 70s, died in a Stockholm hospital overnight on Thursday after having been airlifted to her homeland for medical treatment earlier this week.

In a brief statement, Swedish Aid Minister Gunilla Carlsson confirmed the death by passing on her condolences, saying the incident had touched her deeply.

Swedish Support for E.U Market Appreciated

ISLAMABAD, Feb 7 (Pakistanintheworld.com Report): Lars Hjalmar Wide, Ambassador of Sweden called on Speaker National AssemblyDr Fehmida Mirza, on Tuesday While talking to Swedish Ambassador, Dr Fehmida Mirza said enhanced interaction between parliaments of Pakistan and Sweden could play an important role in strengthening existing warm and cordial relations between the two countries.She appreciated Swedish support for grant of Trade preferences to Pakistan exports in European Union market.

Pak-Sweden Relations Satisfactory,People-to-People contacts may add to it.

Pakistanintheworld.com Report,Feb 2, 2012,Relations between Pakistan and Sweden were characterised by friendship and cooperation.Both countries continue discussions focused on matters relating to Pakistan-Sweden bilateral trade and measures to increase the scope of bilateral economic relations. Both sides expresse satisfaction that trade and business interaction between the two countries was picking up.

Sweden in brief:Facts, emblems and map

Sweden.se,Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe, with great diversity in its nature and climate. Its distinctive yellow and blue flag is one of the national emblems that reflect centuries of history between Sweden and its Nordic neighbors.The Swedish flag with a yellow cross on a blue background, dates back at least to the 16th century. Photo: Magnus Mårding/LinkImage Sweden is a sparsely populated country, characterized by its long coastline, extensive forests and numerous lakes. It is one of the world’s northernmost countries.

اسلحہ اور منشیات کی ترسیل میں ترقی یافتہ ممالک کے بحری جہاز ملوث

  سویڈن پر ایک طویل عرصہ حکمرانی کرنے والی اور موجودہ حزبِ اختلاف کی سب سے بڑی جماعت سوشل ڈیموکریٹ نے آخر کار اپنا نیا سربراہ چن لیا ہے اور جماعت کے کارکنان پُر امید ہیں کہ چون سالہ سٹیفن لوفوین جماعت کوبحران سے نکال پائیں گے ۔ گذشتہ انتخابی شکست کے بعد یہ جماعت کے د وسرے سربراہ ہیں۔
 ۔سویڈن نے عندیہ دیا ہے کہ وہ سالِ رواں میں اقوامِ متحدہ کی جانب سے تسلیم شدہ ۰۰۹۱ مہاجرین کو قبول کرے گا جن میں اکثریت صومالیہ اور اری ٹیریا کے لوگوں کی ہوگی۔

Sweden to enhance trade with Pakistan: envoy

 our correspondent

LAHORE: Swedish Ambassador in Pakistan Ulrika Sundberg has said that Sweden’s Trade and Commerce Minister would visit Pakistan shortly to expedite trade relations with Pakistan.

“Sweden is considering sector-specific measures to enhance trade with Pakistan,” she said speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday.

Sundberg said that 80 per cent trade of Sweden was with the European Union, and Pakistan too should seek to strengthen regional trade.


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