Norwegian ambassador felicitates Rotary club new chief

ISLAMABAD, JULY 02 (DNA) - Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan (RCIC) organized an investiture ceremony to confer Rotary’s Presidential Collar upon its newly elected President, Rotarian Rashid Ibrahim.

The referenced ceremony was held at local Hotel in Islamabad. H.E. Madam Cecilie Landsverk, Ambassador of Norway to Pakistan was the chief guest on the occasion. The ceremony was attended by the members of RCIC and other distinguished guests in large numbers.

Norway ready to help Pakistan in power, gas sectors: envoy

ISLAMABAD, JUNE 08 (DNA) - : Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan Cecilie Landsverk on Friday said investors from his country are interested in hydel power and gas sectors. Pakistan has great potential to generate electricity by using the natural force of water that must be exploited to full extent, she said.
The Ambassador said that Pakistan has fantastic potential, it can generate 100000 MW through its hydropower resources to overcome energy crisis.

پانی کی دستیابی کیلئے ایشیائی بینک نے ایک منصوبہ حکومت پاکستان کے حوالے کر دیا ہے جس میں ناروے بھی شامل ہے۔ اب ہمیں اس کی منظوری کا انتظار ہے۔ سفیر

-پانی ہوگا تو بجلی بھی بنے گی اور زراعت بھی بڑھے گی، بجلی سازی کیلئے قدرتی مقامات پر چھوٹی ٹربائنوں والے پاور ہائوس بنائے جائیں
-پاکستان میں تقرری خود مانگ کر لی کیونکہ افغانستان کی وجہ سے یہ حصہ دنیا کی توجہ کا مرکز ہے،افغانستان میں استحکام کیلئے اپنی ذمہ داری پوری کرینگے
-ناروے سے مزید سرمایہ کاری بھی آ سکتی ہے مگر اس کیلئے امن اوراستحکام ضروری ہے، اس سے سیاحت بھی بڑھے گی، خصوصی انٹرویو

Celebrating 17 May in Islamabad with ”Little Norway”-Pakistan is far away from Norway, but yet so close.Ms. Cecilie Landsverk

ISLAMABAD; May 19- 2012--Our guests of honour at the Constitutional day celebrations in Islamabad this year were our fellow citizens originating from the Gujrat distrtrict in Pakistan, and more spesifically, from Karajan and Lalemusa. We have taken the liberty to name the area: “Little Norway”. A prominent member of the friends group of “Little Norway” is His Excellency, Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting. We were pleased to also welcome him at this year’s event.

Folk and traditional Pakistani and Norwegian children games

Islamabad;( 22, 2012- Games have always been the most interesting thing for children all over the world since its inception. Every society has its fold and traditional games and the same was the title of the book  "Folk and Traditional Children Games" that was lounched Wednesday 22 February at Lok Virsa in Islamanbad. It is a joint effort by Lok Virsa and Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage and it describes traditional children's games in Pakistan and in Norway. It is a beautiful little book .

Pakistani Norwegians have strong presence in higher education, media, and politics

Total population


0.8% of the Norwegian population

Regions with significant populations

Oslo, Lørenskog, Skedsmo, Drammen, Moss, Rælingen, Nittedal


Norwegian, English, Urdu,

Overseas Pakistani

Pakistanis form the largest immigrant community in Norway Report,Norway and Pakistan have extremely warm and strengthen ties. Norway's development cooperation with Pakistan dates back to mid-80s and has over the years evolved from commodity assistance to right-based development.

Norway a democratic monarchy

Norway is a constitutional democracy in Northern Europe with a population of 4.9 million inhabitants.In formal terms, Norway is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democratic system of governance.

Norwegian ambassador calls on Senate chairman

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate, Farooq H Naek on Tuesday said Pakistan is very attractive and profitable country for foreign investors and there exists a vast potential for investment in various sectors.
The Chairman Senate expressed these views during a meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, Cecilie Landsverk who called on him at the Parliament House today.


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