Nicosia- 24 Jan 2013--According to the Financial Times Newspaper EU Leaders do not trust the Greek Cypriot Administration Leader Dimitris Hristofias because of his attitude against economic crises was evaluated ‘reluctant and flippant’. It was noted that EU Leaders especially Germany believes that Greek Cypriot Administration did not take the needed measurements in order to control money laundering of Russia in Greek Cypriot Banks.

Turkey expects European Parliament and Council to evaluate the calls concerning the opening of chapters 23 and 24 obstructed by Greek Cypriot administration

Dublin, Ireland; 24 Jan 2013- European Union Minister and Chief Negotiator of Turkey Egemen Bağış stated that they expect the European Parliament and Council to evaluate the calls concerning the opening of chapters 23 and 24 obstructed by Greek Cypriot administration and said “we, as Turkey, are ready to open the chapters”.
Bağış who is in Dublin, capital of EU Term President Ireland, for Informal Meeting of EU Ministers evaluated his contacts.

Greek Cypriots prefer to use ERCAN airport of TRNC. Flights increase- South Cyprus concerned- It is threatening- GCs

LEFCOSA; 18 JAN 2013-It has been stated in the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros that the flights via Ercan Airport have reached to 80% and the number of flights via Baf Airport in South Cyprus is half of the flights via Ercan State Airport.

Greek Cypriots defined this situation as “Threatening”.

Based upon news concerning the flights via Ercan State Airport published in Turkish Cypriot press, the newspaper stated that 1,626 flights via Ercan Airport, 2,200 flights via Larnaka Airport and 619 flights via Baf Airport were made in November.

North Cyprus President is not hopeful with the candidates of Cyprus Administration

LEFKOSA; DEC 15-TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu stated in his opening speech of the Labor Federation (Hür-iş) 5. Annual General Assembly (Hür-iş) that there are problems in every country and TRNC has some problems but the main thing is spending effort to solve those questions. President underlined that the Cyprus Talks suspended because of the up coming elections in the Greek Cypriot Administration however 7 technical committees are continuing their studies for the confidence building measures.

جمهورية (شمال قبرص) ابنة الربيع التاسع والعشرين

-----------د. أرسان صاري كهية--------------
تحتفل جمهورية شمال قبرص التركية بعيدها التاسع والعشرين، في جمهورية شمال قبرص التركية وفي أكثر من 20 بلداً في كافة أنحاء العالم، وقد دعي الصحفيون والسياسيون من كافة أنحاء المعمورة الى جمهورية شمال قبرص التركية. وكوني من المدعوين في هذه الدعوة البالغة الأهمية، تعرفت على صحفيين من دول عدة وبالأخص الذين حضروا من دولة الكويت، حيث ناقشنا معاً مواضيع كثيرة، منها شمال قبرص التركية ومدى تطورها، وأهمية مشروع الماء الذي سيُنقل إليها عبر أنابيب خاصة، تـُمد إليها عبر مياه البحر الإقليمية كسابقة تاريخية.

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN MAKE IT, we can survive as self reliant, sovereign state. Keen to enhance relations with Pakistan and the world

LEFKOSA; North Cyprus (TRNC)- Nov 13, 2012; President of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) H.H. Mr Dr. Derviş has said that we are celebrating 29th Independence day with a determination that if we are left with no option from the Greek Cyprus side, we can survive as self reliant, sovereign state.

NORTH CYPRUS is a full fledged state where the rule of law prevails and the universal principles such as democracy, human rights, freedom of speech are all enshrined in the Constitution.

LEFKOSA; Nov 13 (Tazeen Akhtar)- Foreign Minister of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Mr. Huseyin Ozgurgun has said that (TRNC) is the symbol of our independence and sovereignty. Turkish Cypriots established their state in 1983 after a long period of struggle for existence on the island and the protection of our equal and inherent rights over Cyprus.

People of TRNC waiting for just solution to the Cyprus Problem. Pakistan open liaison office for own citizens who are studying or working in North Cyprus. Our doors are open for Pakistani students and business community -Ambassador Mr. Mustafa Evran

(Zara Fatima Jaffery+ Nazia Hussain)
Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is a relatively new state that is situated in Medtiterranian Sea near Turkey. Actually it is an island that is divided between two major parts. One is Turkish Cyprus and the other Greek Cyprus. Pakistanis , who know about this beautiful island call it "Qabras". It is Arabic name.The beautiful and picturesque island , also known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is facing a long standing dispute between two major ethnicities of the Island, Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.

Brief History of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Cyprus became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1571. Since then two distinct national peoples have existed in Cyprus. One being the greek Cypriots - the Greek Orthodox inhabitants of Cyprus - and the other being Turkish Cypriots, descendants of Turks from mainland Anatolia, who settled in the island after the Ottoman Conquest.

In 1878 Cyprus was leased to Britain by the Ottoman Empire and during the First World War in 1914, Great Britain unilaterally annexed Cyprus. In 1923, Cyprus became a Crown Colony.

TRNC enjoys very cordial relations with Pakistan. H.E Mr Mustafa Evran

Islamabad; The ambassador of North Cyprus (Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) H.E Mr Mustafa Evran has said that Pakistani Business Community have attractive and fruitful opportunities in T.R.N.C and we welcome them to invest, trade or even visit us and see for their own eyes the scope of business there. In an exclusive talk with editor Daily Azkaar and Mr Tazeen Akhtar , The ambassador said that TRNC enjoys very cordial relations with Pakistan. Efforts to further strengthen them for mutual benefit are going on.