Turkish Cypriot Youth will take part in international games - Its biggest encouragement - President

lefkosa ( Special Report ) President Dervis Eroglu said that racing in more branches of international sports games will be the biggest encouragement for the Turkish Cypriot sportsmen.
Receiving the authorities of Cyprus Turkish Billiard Federation who are members of the International Billiard Federation, President Eroglu gave a speech about Berk Mehmetcik who won the third prize in 2012 World Youths Billiard Championship and stressed that a Turkish Cypriot sportsman’s winning the third prize is very important and honorable and it also has very big importance politically.


Lefkosa - UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Alexander Downer was sent a letter by 16 Turkish Cypriot Non-governmental Organizations and it was demanded to remind leader of Greek Cypriot administration Anastasiades that “he has no right to start over from scratch by throwing whole negotiation process away at the risk of the future of Turkish Cypriots who have lived under embargoes for years”.

Greek Cypriot mafia sold out Turkish Cypriots property in the south - Investigation report

Nicosia; 25 May 2013 { Monitoring Desk } Greek Cypriot Minister of Internal Affairs Sokratis Hasikos announced that a ‘mafia’ occurred at the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Internal Affairs during the Hristofyas government in order to sell the Turkish Cypriot immovable properties in the South Cyprus and many employees of the Ministry were being under investigation.

Turkish president Gul states risks of Greek Cypriot projects regarding natural resources

Istanbul; 12 May 2013 { Monitoring Desk } Turkish President Abdullah Gul said: “I want to express that Greek Cypriot projects regarding the unilateral possession of the natural resources around the island, their extraction and export are not reasonable and have many risks”. Gul also added: “The first step which will contribute to the solution of current political problems can be to start with the economy and to form a new economic cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean. Even, this can be realized within the framework of the EU.”

Greek Cyprus unilateral joining the EU can cause bankruptcy. TRNC Foreign Minister

Lefcosa; 5 April 2013 { Monitoring Desk } Stressing that it is impossible for the Greek Cypriot Administration to overcome the crisis which has been realized recently, Minister of Foreign Affairs Huseyin Ozgurgun said that “The Greek Cypriots’ case that has been resisting to not signing an agreement with the Turkish Cypriots for years is obvious”.

Upon the invitation of the Rector of Karabuk University, Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ozgurgun delivered a conference on “The Latest Stage Reached in Cyprus” at the Karabuk University.

Greek Cyprus gives positive messages BUT real policy shall be understood at the negotiation table

Lefcosa; 13 March 2013 { PR } President Dervis Eroglu said that the newly elected President of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiadis has given positive messages with regard to the solution of Cyprus problem. However Greek Side’s real policy shall be understood when he sits at the negotiation table.

Stating that Cyprus problem can be solved through the negotiations Eroglu said that the Turkish side is in favor of an agreement and a solution.

Eroglu said that he suggested Anastasiadis a social meeting, but he has not replied yet.

Jack Straw proposes North Cyprus recognition to resolve Turkey-EU stalemate

Ankara; 09 March 2013{ Monitoring Desk }“You have sometimes to get people to understand what the consequences of their actions are. It may still be this that if the Greek Cypriots continued to block the accession approach of Turkey, then my view is certainly that we have to move towards recognizing the KKTC.”

The quote belongs to Jack Straw, the former UK foreign secretary, who gave an exclusive interview to Today's Zaman.

North Cyprus exports in the last quarter reach 20 Million 700 Thousand Dollars

Lefcosa; 07 March 2013 {Diplomatic Reporter} According to the Central Bank 2012 report of last quarter , the export in the country in December 2012 compared to last year has increased by 18.3% to 8 million 200 thousand dollars.


Nicosia; 30 jan 2013- Greek Cyprus newspapers say that their own country caused dispute between the European Central Bank and Germany regarding whether Greek Cypriots have the right to make an application to the EU’s Support Mechanism or not.

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros and the other newspapers noted that dispute started between the President of the European Central Bank Mario Dragi and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on the issue of whether South Cyprus is a threat for Euro-zone or not, and whether to take financial aid or not.

Pakistan reaffirms its full support to Turkey on the issue of Cyprus

New York, January 25: In a meeting today, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Ambassador Masood Khan assured Turkish Permanent Representative Ambassador Yasar Halit Cevik of Pakistan’s full support to Turkey on the issue of Cyprus.

Pakistan Permanent Representative reaffirmed that Pakistan has always supported the cause of Turkish Cypriots and would continue to do so in the future.

The Turkish Permanent Representative thanked Pakistan for its consistent support to Turkey in the international forums including on the Cyprus issue.