South Cyprus Air Exercise in East Mediterranean with Greece and Israel

Nicosia (Monitoring Desk)It is reported that South Cyprus, Greece and Israel are going to do a joint major air exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean Area in the second half of next September.Having reported that the exercise shall include the security of the Exclusive Economic Zone of South Cyprus according to a unilateral announcement, Simerini Newspaper reminded that the Russia’s request of using the Andreas Papandreou airbase in Paphos is brought to agenda again.

Republican Turkish Party – United Powers wins North Cyprus general elections

Lefkosa ( Monitoring Desk )Unofficial election results for the Early General Elections conducted in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have been announced. TRNC Supreme Election Board has announced the voting rates of the political parties and the number of members of parliament elected, and also it continues its studies for the determination of the names of MPs who won the elections.

Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiadis burdened himself with his own hands - Dervis Eroglu returned to island from Brussels

Lefkosa ( Monitoring Desk ) President Derviş Eroğlu has said that Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiadis made difficulties for the solution with his manners that made the National Council take binding decisions.President Derviş Eroğlu, has returned to island yesterday morning after completing his meetings with the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barosso and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle in Brussels.

Andreas Mavroyannis, Greek Cypriot Negotiator for Cyprus Problem

Nicosia ( Monitoring Desk ) Andreas Mavroyannis has become the Greek Cypriot negotiator for the Cyprus problem officially.
According to the Greek Cypriot radio, Andreas Mavroyannis was determined to be the Greek Cypriot negotiator for the Cyprus problem following the meeting of Greek Cypriot National Council held yesterday.

Fascist Greek Coup in Cyprus- Today is the anniversary

Lefkosa ( Monitoring Desk ) Today is the 37th anniversary of the fascist Greek coup in Cyprus.The aim of the coup was to unite the island to Greece, or to realize ENOSIS.The coup was orchestrated against the Greek Cypriot Archbishop Makarios, who was the then President of the so-called Republic of Cyprus
Supporters of EOKA and the Greek junta who wanted the immediate unificationof the island with Greece (ENOSIS) orchestrated a coup against the Greek

North Cyprus leaving behind the isolation - Cooperation in trade with Iraq and in education with Kazakhstan decided

Lefkosa ( Special Report ) Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is leaving behind the wrongly imposed isolation by some regional and international forces. TRNC is going into cooperation with two important countries like Iraq and Kazakhstan. The details are as under;


36 Billion Rubles moved illegally from Russia to Greek Cyprus

Nicosia ( Monitoring Desk )Russian police has scrutinized the banks and companies whose head offices are in South Cyprus within the scope of investigation of organized money laundering in which more than 400 people participated.

Greek Cypriot daily Politis has given the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry as reference and emphasized that 36 billion rubles (1billion dollars) have been moved illegally from Russia by the gang in question.

Greek Cypriots Play With Time

Lefkosa ( Monitoring Desk) Stating that Greek Cypriots play with time for the solution of the Cyprus problem, President Dervis Eroglu said ‘They keep us sitting at the negotiation table and play with time’.

Stressing that there is a state in the North of the island as it is in the South; Eroglu said ‘We as the Turkish Cypriot side expressed our thoughts many times at the negotiation table and we know what we want. This is very important.’

Statement of Greek Cypriot Administration regarding Varosha and Turkey - GC talk un-realistic, TRNC

Lefkosa ( World Monitoring Desk ) TRNC Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutlay Erk said that the statement of Greek Cypriot Administration Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis regarding reinstitution of Varosha to it’s ‘legal owners’ and the necessity for direct negotiations between Turkey and Greek Cypriot Administration do not reflect the realities on the island.

South Cyprus “a racist county” - Israel feels lives of its diplomats in danger

Nicosia ( Monitoring Desk ) It has been stated that the attack against the 15 year-old son of Israeli diplomat in South Cyprus two years ago has been brought to agenda in Israel again and South Cyprus has been shown as “a racist county”.

The Greek Cypriot daily Politis and other newspapers stated that the claims that the lives of Israeli diplomats and their families are in danger has been brought into question again and the incident experienced in South Cyprus was shown as an example.