Lefkosa (DNA) President Derviş Eroglu said that the Greek Cypriot side demanded a joint statement before starting the negotiations however refused the joint statement prepared by the UN and continued to put forth different proposals and raise difficulties. In a speech he gave at one of his receptions yesterday President Eroglu recorded that he started his political life with the 1st President Rauf Denktaş and as the result of their efforts and proposals they had a state today.

Greek Cyprus not willing for mutually beneficial solution - TRNC Foreign Minister

Lefkosa (DNA) Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami held a special meeting with media from around the world on the visit of TRNC to attend the 30th anniversary of the republic. He briefed the journalists from different countries including Pakistan about the Cyprus problem and Greek Cypriots delaying tactics to linger on the solution. Ozdil said that North Cyprus is willing to seek a plan acceptable for both sides but the other side does not seem willing to do so.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) - Brief History

Cyprus became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1571. Since then two distinct national peoples have existed in Cyprus. One being the greek Cypriots - the Greek Orthodox inhabitants of Cyprus - and the other being Turkish Cypriots, descendants of Turks from mainland Anatolia, who settled in the island after the Ottoman Conquest.

In 1878 Cyprus was leased to Britain by the Ottoman Empire and during the First World War in 1914, Great Britain unilaterally annexed Cyprus. In 1923, Cyprus became a Crown Colony.

TRNC NEWS HEADLINES - Progress in Greek Cypriot Side

LEFKOSA (Diplomatic Desk) Foreign Minister Özdil Nami informed non-governmental organizations regarding the latest phase reached on the Cyprus issue. The meeting was realized at the Foreign Ministry building. Nami invited the Cyprus Turkish Public Servants Union (KTAMS), Public Servants Union (Kamu Sen), Cyprus Turkish Teachers Union (KTÖS), and Cyprus Turkish Secondary Schools Teachers Union (KTOEÖS) to the first meeting.

Greek Cypriots pursuing the time of negotiations - Turkish Cyprus gets fruitful contacts

Lefkosa (Diplomatic Desk) President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriots were pursuing an attitude aimed at extending the time of the negotiations.
During a meeting with Günther Tielebörger, Mayor of Kandel, Germany and his delegation, Eroğlu gave information about the beginning of the Cyprus issue and the latest phase reached. Eroğlu stated that it was the Turkish Cypriot side that had always spent efforts to reach a settlement and accepted the Annan Plan on 24 April 2004 referendum.

Text of Joint Statement of Syprus ---- Turkish Accept - Greek Reject - EU urged to steer G.C towards a settlement

Lefkosa (Monitoring Desk) Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami made evaluations to BRT Channel, with regard to the “Joint Statement Text” being prepared within the context of the full-fledged negotiations expected to resume soon. Foreign Minister Nami explained that the joint statement text proposed by the United Nations was accepted by the Turkish Cypriot side but it was rejected by the Greek Cypriot side.


Lefkosa (Monitoring Desk) President Derviş Eroğlu, pointed out during a program on Bayrak Radyo Television that they were aiming to have a referendum in March 2014 and underlined their main goal as to reach a settlement as soon as possible.

President Derviş Eroğlu noting that it was high time to reach a solution on Cyprus issue said “the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to sit at the negotiation table immediately for reaching a settlement ”.

Last Opportunity for Negotiations on Cyprus Issue - Settlement Sought between End of This year and Start of the Next

Lefkosa (Special Report) TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu stated that this was the last opportunity for the negotiations and should be well evaluated. He also expressed hope for reaching a settlement in spring 2014.Speaking during various visits paid to him yesterday (2 October 2013), President Eroğlu stressed that the negotiations which had been continuing since 1968 should be finalized. “Currently, we are in search of a settlement at the negotiation table, but this search has been continuing for a long time.

Everything will be realized according to demands of turkish cypriots - Foreign Minister

Lefkosa (Monitoring Desk) Evaluating his short duty term to the Turkish Cypriot daily ‘KIBRIS’, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kutlay Erk has said that regarding Cyprus issue that everything will be realized according to the demands of the Turkish Cypriots.Erk added that some scenarios are raised every period regarding the Cyprus issue, but none of them will be realized if the Turkish Cypriots do not desire.

Evaluation the works he has done during a month and a half long duty term to ‘KIBRIS’, he made important evaluations regarding half-century long Cyprus issue.


Lefkosa ( Monitoring Desk ) Stating that the South Cyprus is ‘pleased with the present political status quo’, Foreign Affairs Minister Kutlay Erk defended that the Greek Cypriots are not ready to share power with the Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Cypriot present policy is delaying the negotiations as much as they can. Firstly they brought economical problems on the agenda. However we also experienced economic problems, but we did not postpone the negotiations. The banks gone bankrupt, citizens busted the assembly in 2000, but Rauf Denktas still met with Klerides.