India court clears Pakistani microbiologist of killing man in ’92

NEW DELHI: India’s top court has cleared an 82-year-old Pakistani scientist of murdering a man 20 years ago and said he can go home.

Microbiologist Mohammed Khalil Chishti came to India to see his ailing mother in the western town of Ajmer. He was accused of fatally shooting a neighbor during a property dispute with relatives in 1992.

A trial court granted him bail but did not let him leave India while the case was pending. He was convicted of murder last year.

Hindus in Pakistan enjoy all the fundamental rights- HC New Delhi

New Delhi; 12 Dec, 2012-Rejecting assertions regarding the plight of Hindus, the Pakistan High Commission reiterates the full commitment of the Government of Pakistan to ensuring the welfare and well-being of the Hindu community in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a land of Opportunities: D. Shiva Kumar

Karachi: September 26, 2012: “Pakistan is a land of opportunities and the credit for this goes to the huge youth population and the rich pool of talent available in the country”, these sentiments were expressed by D. Shiva Kumar, Senior Vice President, All India Management Association & VP Nokia IMEA, during his recent visit to Pakistan. He was one of the key speakers from India at the two day management conference between the two countries in Lahore.

India allows foreign direct investment from Pakistan

MUMBAI: AUG 24 (DNA) - Reserve Bank of India has permitted foreign direct investment from Pakistan into India, which had been banned hitherto.In a notification the central bank said "a person who is a citizen of Pakistan or an entity incorporated in Pakistan may, with the prior approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board of the Government of India, purchase shares and convertible debentures of an Indian company under Foreign Direct Investment Scheme".

Indian Mars Mission Gets Final Approval

NEW DELHI-08-AUG-With NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory having just touched down at Gale Crater on Mars, the Indian government now has given the final green light for its first orbiter mission to the red planet in November 2013.

In December 2011, India’s Space Commission gave its approval for the project, which is estimated to cost around 4.5 billion rupees ($80.7 million). The government has allocated 1.25 billion rupees for the initial phase of the mission for India’s current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2013.

Air India plane makes an emergency landing in Pakistan--Pak hospitality leaves Indians awestruck

NEW DELHI:July 10-2012- The relief aircraft which travelled to Nawabshah airport in Sindh, Pakistan was supposed to refuel itself for the return journey as well as the stranded plane. But in their haste, Indian officials forgot to carry something called the 'Shell' card with which they would have paid for the fuel.

Pakistan came to the rescue. PIA officials spoke to DGCA and Air India here and it was PIA that forked out the cost of the fuel that was needed for both planes. "They did everything," said an Indian official. "We couldn't have asked for more."


Islamabad, June 27, 2012-Hours after reports emerged that Pakistan was to free Indian death row prisoner Sarabjit Singh, Pakistan's presidential spokesman tonight clarified that authorities had taken steps for the release of another Indian prisoner named Surjeet Singh who has been jailed for three decades.

Pak actress’ Bolly dream come true-Humaima Malik first shot to fame in India

Mumbai-Jun 06-2012-Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malik first shot to fame in India when she admitted to dating Wasim Akram (who later denied those claims, followed by Humaima saying they were only 'friends'). Now, of course, after having walked the ramp here and made multiple visits, she's working in an Indian film.She's been in Jaipur for a while now, shooting for her Bollywood debut, a film based on a Gujarat gangster's life that's being directed by Soham Shah. The movie also features actors like Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi and Paresh Rawal.

Surjeet Singh set to be released next week: Sherry Rehman

Washington-May 26, 2012,Pakistan ambassador to US Sherry Rehman has said that Pakistan will release Indian spy Surjeet Singh in next week. Surjeet Singh, an Indian national, has been languishing in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore for over 30 years on charges of spying. He has completed his term in 2004. Sherry Rehman on Saturday twitted to Indian journalist that new relationships between Pakistan and India would be strengthened and boosted after releasing of Surjeet Singh. She said Surjeet Singh would also be handed over to India in next week after his release from the jail.

پاکستان اور بھارت نے عوامی و تجارتی روابط کے فروغ کے لیے ایک دوسرے کے شہریوں کو ویزوں کے اجراء میں رعائتیں دینے پر اتفاق کیا ہے

بھارتی سیکرٹری داخلہ مسٹر سنگھ نے پاکستانی وزیر داخلہ رحمن ملک سے اسلام آباد میں ملاقات کی
پاکستان اور بھارت نے عوامی و تجارتی روابط کے فروغ کے لیے ایک دوسرے کے شہریوں کو ویزوں کے اجراء میں رعائتیں دینے پر اتفاق کیا ہے اور اس بارے میں معاہدے پر جلد دستخط کر دیئے جائیں گے۔
وفاقی وزیر داخلہ رحمٰن ملک نے پاکستان کے دورے پر آئے ہوئے بھارتی سیکرٹری داخلہ راج کمار سنگھ اور اُن کے وفد سے جمعہ کو اسلام آباد میں ملاقات کے بعد صحافیوں سے گفتگو کرتے ہوئے بتایا کہ ویزوں کے اجراء کے نئے طریقہ کار پر عمل درآمد سے متعلق بعض اُمور کو حتمی شکل دینے کا کام جاری ہے۔


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