DAY OF REALIZATION OF DREAMS - Message of H.E. Szabó István , Ambassador of Hungary on National Day

Allow me first of all to wholeheartedly greet the readers and through them the people of Pakistan on this joyous occasion for Hungary. This day is in fact the anniversary of two events. First and foremost that of the day, 23 of October in 1956 when the Hungarian people rose to fight for freedom and democracy to topple a brutal and authoritarian regime forced on the country from outside. However heroic the struggle of the Hungarian freedom fighters was the Revolution was eventually been put down by the overwhelming force of an outside power that came to the rescue of dictatorship.


The Republic of Hungary lies at the heart of Europe in the Carpathian Basin, surrounded by the Carpathians, the Alps and the Dinaric Alps, between latitudes 45°48´ - 48°35´ N and longitudes 16°05´– 22°58´E.
Area: 93,036 km2
Population: 10,033,000 (2009)
Population density: 108/km2
Official language: Hungarian
Capital: Budapest (population: 1,700,000)

Hungary-India Business Forum in Mumbai - Prime Minister Viktor Orban Opens The World Biggest Stock Exchange

Mumbai (Diplomatic Desk)Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, currently on an official visit to India, opened trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at 9:15 am local time, on Friday.Mumbai’s stock exchange, the world's largest in terms of the number of companies on the parquet, is traditionally opened by the lighting of a lamp, which symbolises the light of knowledge dispersing darkness, and by the sounding of a gong, struck by the Hungarian Prime Minister on this occasion.

Budapest Water Summit - Hungary and India agree on cooperation

Islamabad (Diplomatic Desk) Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi held a meeting with Harish Chandrasing Rawat, Minister for Water Resources of India, who is in Hungary to attend the Budapest World Water Summit. A press release issued from the Hugarian Embassy says that ;

The European Union demonstrates uncertainty while lacking a clear image of the future, non-Eurozone states allowed the right to follow their own economic policies.Prime Minister Hungary

Islamabad (Diplomatic Desk) Hungary is operating like a real laboratory, trying to give responses based on traditional values to modern challenges, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Wednesday when addressing a forum of 200 guests in Chatham House, in London. He also added that political radicalism however cannot be mentioned among European values.

Tourism performs excellently in Hungary

Islamabad (Staff Reporter) Tourism performs excellently in Hungary. Details issued from the Embassy in Pakistan tell that by a 13.7% increase in the number of guest nights compared to last summer’s figures, the touristic sector performs excellently this year in Hungary.

The V4 begins new cooperation with Western Balkan countries

Budapest (Diplomatic Desk) The Visegrád countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, the V4) play an important role in cooperation within the region and are now initiating constructive discussions with the countries of the Western Balkans, Minister for Public Administration and Justice Tibor Navracsics announced at a seminar in Budapest on Monday.

Suspended disbursements to Hungary may recommence within days, says EU commissioner

BRUSSELS (Monitoring Desk) Hungary has accepted the European Commission’s five percent correction proposal in the case of ten EU-funded operative programmes, which was necessary due to deficiencies in earlier contracts, Minister of State heading the Prime Minister’s Office and recently appointed Government Commissioner in charge of the National Development Agency János Lázár announced following talks with European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn in Brussels.

Expanding cooperation between Hungary and India

BUDAPEST (Monitoring Desk) Hungarian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó agreed with Indian officials on Thursday to explore setting up a joint financial fund to support cooperation between the countries' small and medium-sized firms.

The sides also agreed to step up cooperation on vehicle parts manufacturing, farm technology and renewable energy research.

European Day of remembrance of the victims of totalitarian dictatorships

Budapest (Monitoring Desk) People gathered outside the "House of Terror" museum in Budapest today to light candles in commemoration of the victims of totalitarian dictatorships. Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice Bence Rétvári and Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Youth, Social, Family and Housing Affairs Péter Ágh participated and held speeches at the ceremony.


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