Germany announces additional funds of 1.853 billion rupees for Pakistan-German Development Cooperation

Islamabad, 11 May 2012-Today the Pakistan-German Government Consultations on the joint bilateral development cooperation were successfully concluded. During the meeting which was held in a cordial atmosphere and in the spirit of the long standing partnership between the two countries, the German Government allocated an additional 15.7 million euros (1.853 billion rupees) for the Pakistan-German Development Cooperation.

14 ambassadors changed, three more to be shuffled-Abdul Basit appointed to Germany

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office on Tuesday appointed Moazzam Khan as its spokesperson replacing the incumbent Abdul Basit.The new appointee Moazzam Khan is a diplomat and he was currently serving as Director General (DG) of Europe Division.
Abdul Basit has now been appointed as Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany.Khan would take the charge of the office from the next week.

Germany On The Road – An Extraordinary Exhibiton

ISLAMABAD: ( The German Embassy, in cooperation with the Pakistan GermanBusiness Forum (PGBF) and German-linked companies and institutions active in Pakistan held an unusual exhibition titled “Germany on the Road” at the Royal Palm Gold & Country Club in Lahore on 21 March 2012.

امدادي کاموں کيلئے جرمني اور سوئز ٹيميں گياري پہنچ گئيں

اسکردو… گياري سيکٹر ميں برفاني تودے تلے پاک فوج کے جوانوں کي مدد کے لئے سر توڑ کوششيں جاري ہيں ،امدادي کاموں ميں حصہ لينے کے ليے جرمني اور سوئٹزرلينڈ کي ٹيميں گياري پہنچ گئيہيںَ کھدائي کے مقام کي نئي تصاوير بھي جاري کردي گئي ہيں . گياري سيکٹر ميں برفاني تودے تلے دبے فوجيوں تک رسائي اور امدادي کاموں ميں حصہ لينے کے ليے چين اور ناروے کے ريسکيو ماہرين بھي پاکستان پہنچ رہے ہيں. پاک فوج کے جوان دن ہو يا رات کھدائي کا کام جاري رکھے ہوئے ہيں ،برفباري اور سخت موسم بھي ان کا عزم و حوصلہ نہيں توڑ سکا .

German President quits over loan scandal

By: AFP | February 17, 2012,German President Christian Wulff has announced his resignation in a scandal over favours he allegedly received before becoming head of state.Christian Wulff, who was Merkel's candidate for the presidency when elected less than two years ago, quit after two months of allegations he received favours such as a favorable loan and hotel stays from friends when he was governor of Lower Saxony state.

Germany offers help in Renewable Energy Sector

Islamabad ( Report  ) February 16, 2012--Representatives of four leading solar energy producing companies of Germany visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) to provide some solutions to Pakistan’s energy sector.Delegation comprising Mr.Gerold Holsmolle, Mr.Christoph Buhler, Mr.Carsten Aschoff and Mr.Karl-H.Mockel, have shown keen interest in establishing their solar energy production systems to stabilize the industrial sector of Pakistan.The delegates said that Pakistan could avail German expertise for installation of renewable energy projects to over

Germany eager to import fruits, restore fish imports

Islamabad: ( Report)Feb 10-Germany on Friday said European Union preferential trade deal can help Pakistani textile industry considerably increase its exports.EU which imports around Euro 83.7 billion of textile products per annum will welcome increased share of Pakistan in its promising market.

FM, German parliamentary delegation discuss bilateral ties

ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP): A three-member German parliamentary delegation of the ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) called on Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and discussed bilateral relations and important regional issues of mutual interest. The delegation comprised Roderich KIESEWETTER, Michael GAHLER and Ernst-Reinhard BECK. The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan attached great importance to its relations with Germany, which was the largest country in Europe.

Colonel among three Germans held

Jan, 21, 2012

PESHAWAR: A house located in University Town was raided on Saturday and three German citizens were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in ‘suspicious activities’, police said.

The suspects, who were interviewed after reports they were living in the house on the Park Lane Street illegally, failed to produce documents validating their stay in Pakistan.

They were identified as Curtain Wild, a colonel in German army who has spent time in Afghanistan and Kosovo, Lauren and Rhodwolf Smith.


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