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 Islamabad (Tazeen Akhtar) At a time when Pakistani nation including Pakistani Americans are observing the developments in U.S.A after the President Elections, for their apprehensions about the future of relations, because of some statements of President Elect Mr. Donald Trump , American Embassy to Pakistan has released the details of such a project that would contribute a lot, to the well being and prosperity of Pakistan people. Thus giving them a good reason to think positively and secure satisfaction that America is always with Pakistan.

It is about the rehabilitation of Kalat-Quetta-Chaman Highway that has brought a very pleasant change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of local residents. It also shows that in an age of connectivity in this region, America is not away from this process. This road connects most parts of Balochistan and also provides opportunity to travellers of other areas, especially from Sindh province. Further, this road can lead to Afghanistan as well ,when Pakistan and Afghanistan agree upon it. 

 The details released include "American Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale along with National Highway Authority Chairman Shahid Ashraf Tarar and Frontier Works Organization Director Major General Muhammad Afzal  opened an exhibition displaying photos of the recently rehabilitated section of National Highway (N-25) connecting Chaman to Kalat through Quetta, Balochistan.  At the exhibition, which commemorates the recent completion of American-funded improvements on the road, attendees viewed the many photos of scenes of Pakistani life on and around the new highway.

The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), funded the construction of the 111 kilometers needed to complete the N-25 highway, in cooperation with the Frontier Works Organization, the prime contractor, and the National Highway Authority (NHA).  USAID provided $63 million to rehabilitate the highway and has committed an additional $27 million for further improvements including a bypass road at Kuchlak, four bridges, two weighing stations, and three toll plazas.  The newly-restored N-25 highway will increase trade and economic integration by linking Pakistan with Afghanistan and its Central Asian neighbors.  The road, which stretches from Chaman on the border with Afghanistan to Karachi, will also improve the lives of the people of Balochistan by expanding access to basic healthcare, education, and other social services.  The Frontier Works Organization began construction in October 2014. 

“This road is a concrete demonstration of America’s commitment to help bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Pakistan.  It is a testament to the far-reaching benefits of our partnership, as it will serve the people of Pakistan for generations to come,” Ambassador Hale said at the inauguration.

The funding for this highway is one element of USAID’s $681.5 million FATA Infrastructure Program, which has restored essential public infrastructure in remote communities.  To date, USAID has funded the construction and rehabilitation of more than 1,100 kilometers of roads in Pakistan, including the four major trade routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

USAID mission director Mr John Groarke briefed the media about the project.

Editor Tazeen Akhtar asked " The road can lead into Afghanistan as well. The region is entering into a new phase of connectivity. Countries are coming closer with roads and railways. Pakistan can get connected with Central Asia directly if Afghanistan is stable and peaceful. But now we have to travel to Dubai,Doha or Istanbul to reach to central asia. Can America use its influence on Afghanistan to make Kabul Government in this direction?"

Mr John replied " Pakistan can settle all matters with neighbouring countries. America will certainly play its facilitative role when required."

Dec 01, 2016