UNIDO Project “Sustainable Energy Initiative for Industries in Pakistan” gets kick started

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad -26 july 2016-The launching ceremony event of this important project which is funded by GEF was held in Islamabad and was widely attended by stakeholder, both from the industry and relevant Government officials from ministry and line departments.Among the prominent dignitaries participating in the event werethe Ambassador of EU delegation in Pakistan, UN resident co-ordinator  in Pakistan and senior officials of Ministry of Industries and Production and Climate change and representative of various organization like alternative energy development board AEDB, National Productivity Organization, NPO, Small and medium Enterprise developmebnt authority SMEDA etc.

Mr. Neil Buhne , UN Resident Co-ordinator in Pakistan speaking on the occasion  mentioned that the sustainable development goals called SDGs are very important for Pakistan and this project in particular is important as it not onlydirectly  addressesSDG 9 i.e industry , innovation and infrastructure which in fact falls under the domain of UNIDO , but it is going all the way taking care of other SDGs such as no poverty , food and hunger and even others. He posed full confidence in UNIDO'S team for smooth and effective sailing of the project.

Mr. Khizar Hayat Gondal, Federal Secretaryof Industries and Production messaged through his representative about the significance of this energy related project, saying that given the level of energy crunch in PAKISTAN, it is important that UNIDO through its energy portfolios in Pakistan is coming all out to technically assess Pakistan in this sector. He further said that it is very timely that UNIDO has stepped in helping the industrial sector to explore the options of alternative energy which could be a breakthrough technology for Pakistan giving boost to overall industrial sector development. He further said that the government of Pakistan has provided full support directly and through its specialized technical department for this endeavor.

Mr. Esam Alqararah, UNIDO representative in Pakistan welcoming the participantsshed light on the role of UNIDO during its 40 years of presence and highlighted some hallmark achievements of UNIDO which has  assisted in sustainable development of Pakistani Industrial sector. Hestressed upon the importance of Renewable Energy and energy efficiency in Pakistan and emphasized it is very promising that this project is going to be owned by the private sector industry from the very beginning.

In his  introductory remarks about the project, Mr. Alois Mhlanga, the visiting Project Manager, highlighted about various the approaches which has been successfully applied to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in other parts of the world.Additional secretary MoIP/ CEO SMEDA , Mr. Sher Ayub , spoke on the occasion that SMEDA is delighted to be the part of this project which is addressing energy that is currently a most acute and critical issue in Pakistan. He hoped that soon this project would be in a position to transfer the tested technology for using alternative energy sources at commercially viable  scale that will provide tempting results for the other industries to follow.

On the occasion, Mr Ishrat Ali, representing Ministry of Climate Change said that in this global world, all economies are interdependent and to thrive in this competitive world, countries like Pakistan has to move fast specially in coping with its energy shortfalls and by building the capacity of its manpower in efficient usage of energy.  He further said, given this background this energy project holdssignificant promise for Pakistan. The follow-up events includedpresentations highlighting the very objectives of the project, presented by National Project Manager which followed a very healthy discussion providing further insight to the project.