UAE based companies to visit Pakistan and sign MOUs to start work

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

DUBAI (Staff Reporter) Former Ambassador and distinguished UAE based Pakistani Javed Malik organized Pakistan Investment Round table meeting 2013 in Dubai. The meeting was attended by noted UAE and Gulf based companies with a view of encouraging investment in Pakistan.
Speaking on the occasion, Javed Malik, who also as special advisor to PMLN Chief Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, highlighted the investment opportunities in Pakistan particularly in the Energy, Infrastructure, Agro-business and Mineral exploration sectors and said

“while we often hear about the challenges facing Pakistan let me assure you that the opportunities of investment and business are far greater than the challenges. Pakistan is a land of 180 million people with an established infrastructure, and a strategic location. With South and Central Asian States, the Oil rich Gulf Economies and an Economic giant like China all in its immediate vicinity Pakistan is without doubt the gateway that connects the merging region which has been predicted by all leading economists as the “Future of the world’s economy”. “This presents a plethora of opportunities for businessmen and investors and the current government is keen to support and encourage foreign investors in every way”, he added.

The roundtable meeting was attended by Chairmen and CEOs of UAE based local and multinational companies who appreciated the candid and articulate presentation on Pakistan.

Separately Ambassador (F) Javed Malik also held meetings and discussions with Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Colt Investments, CEO and Executive Director of Royal Partners UAE as well as top management of Rubenius Energy, Al ittihad Investments, and several other UAE based enterprises with a view to giving a practical shape to the visit by these companies to meet the government of Pakistan officials. The companies have already carried out their due diligence and are at a stage where they are ready to start their work subject to certain formalities for which a visit to Pakistan is necessary so that a formal MOUs can be signed to agree a time table to start their work.