Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Tazeen Akhtar-Supreme Court of Pakistan has reserved the verdict in Panama Case against Prime Minister and family. It means we have reached a final stage where this long nerve judicial process is about to bring out something that is expected to be a milestone in the history of accountability in Pakistan. The case made the whole nation hostage for months. This was very unfortunate, especially when Pakistan was moving forward in different spheres of life. Uncertainty pushed us back with speed while we were marching towards a political stability, strong infrastructure and solid economy.

It was not so disturbing if it may remain with Government only. The governments come and go. State institutions are always working constantly. The real matter of concern now is losing all that we gained during past few years. For example; Collapse of Stock Market. Downward trends of foreign investments. June could not see a single dollar investment from abroad. Development projects not addressed. Social issues put on the back burner. All that cannot be brought up to defend the Government. Accountability is inevitable, whoever falls in its ambit.

But one point can be raised and seen that accountability should be only for justice and transparency. Accountability should never be for personality or family oriented, individual centered only. Yes- it is correct that Government or PM should be the first to be brought to book. But what and where is the guarantee that after the PM, the others will also be investigated. And these others are not only the political leaders, they should also include all. When we say “all” it means politicians, bureaucrats, generals, judges, journalists and everyone who remained in power or enjoyed any beneficial position in the service of Pakistan.

Matter of fact is, the ongoing process of accountability does not seem to be across the board or we can not see it bringing the others into the process in the future. That is why PM Nawas said in a rally that is not accountability –It is exploitation. PM can be wrong in his perception but history tells us that there is no broad based accountability in Pakistan. We chant slogan of accountability only when we have to destabilize any government to send it back home.

Judiciary is in more critical position at this time than the government. Political parties are ousted from the government and they come back again and again. If judiciary lost its trust, it will take decades to get restored. To keep the trust of the people, Judiciary is supposed to bring all the others into the circle that looted the exchequer or laundered money through misuse of their powers. 21 July 2017