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Islamabad(PR) Tajikistan authorities has taken note of highly objectionable map or whatsoever, that was displayed behind the dignitaries from three countries, at the historic occasion of CASA-1000 inauguration on 12 may 2016. Editor Tazeen Akhtar of Pakistan in the World pointed out this huge error cum blunder in a news posted at 5 o clock 12 May on the website www.pakistanintheworld.com. This map or pic was showing that China and Pakistan have no joint border and India lies in between them bordering with Afghanistan. Thus making Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan a part of India. Foreign Office of Pakistan released an explanantion in this regard the next day 13 May;


Explanation from Foreign Office on Disinformation about Regional Map

A section of the media including the social media is circulating a map displayed at the site of the inauguration of CASA-1000 in Tajikistan, yesterday, criticizing the inaccurate depiction of Pakistan’s boundaries.

It is clarified that this discrepancy was noted immediately on arrival at the site by the Pakistan Delegation, particularly the Political leadership in the delegation, and brought to the attention of the host country. The host government immediately took note and regretted the error while explaining that it was not meant to be a map, as such, but a painting depicting the region without any focus on the boundaries of the countries. They did, however, offered their regrets and also undertook to rectify the painting.

It may also be pertinent to mention that the official brochure, which was circulated among all the delegates at the ceremony, contained the map correctly depicting the boundaries of Pakistan.
It is further mentioned that the facts contained herein were also shared yesterday with the media in Pakistan. It is surprising that media instead of carrying the clarification remained focused on the error which was noted and steps already taken towards rectification by the host government.

13 May 2016

Here it is worth mentioning that Editor Tazeen Akhtar right after the release of this map of "painting" brought this blunder into notice of a high official of Gov of Pakistan at 5-30 on 12 May, the same day and the same time. Foreign Office released this explanation on the next day 13 May. That too , was not released to media properly. Otherwise media would have picked it and published.