Statement by H.E. Ms.Sewa Lamsal Adhikari,Ambassador on Constitution Day and National Day of Nepal

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad- 19 Sep 2017

Honorable Chief Guest His  Excellency Eng.Muhammad BalighUr Rehman,Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training,

Excellencies,Distinguished Guests

Dear friends from Media Houses,

Ladies and Gentlemen

Namaste,Good Evening,and As-Salamu alaykum

It's  my  distinct honourand pleasure to  welcome you  all  on  the  Third ConstitutionDay and NationalDay of Nepal. I thankyou very much for being with  uson  this  important day. Nepal  promulgated new constitutionon 20 September 2015 by   the    elected representatives  of   the    Constituent Assembly.The new Constitution of Nepal,  2015 has ende dadecade-long armed conflict to a peaceful conclusion.

The Constitution embodies democratic norms,values as well as principles of human rights and human dignity.It has ensured fundamental rights of the  people at its core.It constituted federal, democratic and republic system of governance and ensured participation and representation of marginalized people through the strengthening of democratic polity,good governance and rule of law.

The new Constitution is based on the principles of  equity and equality to promote merit  and  to   protect  the    most  marginalized  and  under­ represented sections of the society in the elected and other frameworksof the government.It guarantees minimum one third  representation of women in  the  federal and provincial parliaments and 40%  in  the  local levels.

After the promulgation of the Constitutionin2015,Nepal's Head of State,Chief Justice and  Speaker of the Parliament were all women for sometime,  (which was a historic record in the world) which is now reduced to Head of the State and Speaker after the retirement of the ChiefJustice a few months back.

Nepal    observed    many    positive    signs    after    the    promulgation    of    the Constitution in different fields.Nepal achieved higher economic growth of about7% in  last fiscal year in many decades.  It attracted substantive amount of Foreign Direct Investment as well as welcomed higher number of tourists despite all odds,including the massive earthquakes,and other nature induced disasters. Let merecallthegenerouscooperationof the government and people of Pakistan for supporting Nepal in the aftermath nature induced disasters. Let me recall the  generous cooperation of the government and people of Pakistan for supporting Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakein April 2015 and also supporting the Constitution of Nepal immediate after its promulgation.

Yesterday, Nepal held the third phase of the  local level election in a very peaceful manner with the participation of over 70 percent people. The Government has announced the dates to hold Federal and Provincial Level elections in  November, for  which necessary preparations are goingon. These elections will usher into an era of hope,peace and prosperity to the Nepali  people.The  Government of Nepal looks forward to get continuous support from our bilateral,multilateral as well as development partners in our efforts for a peaceful and prosperous Nepal.


Nepal  and Pakistan have been enjoying cordial relations ever  since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1960.Our relations are as oli as the  mighty Himalayas. This relation of mutual cooperation,trust and friendship has been extended over  a period of  time in  various fields, including culture, education, trade, environment and tourism, among others. Nepal is grateful for the educational support of  the   Government  of Pakistan through its PTAP framework.There are hundredsof Nepalese students who are studying in different universities of Pakistan in different faculties.This has significantly contributed to the development of Nepal as well as enhanced people to people relations between the  two friendly countries.The cooperation in private sector and business communities has also been increasing. We witnessed a growth in trade volumes in the last fiscaly ear; however, if we  compare the potential and prospects between the two countries, we  are far  behind to  harness it.I am fully committed  to expedite the  potentials are as of mutual cooperation and look  forward for the meaningful engagement to the Government and people of Pakistan.


Let me briefly touch upon the  activities of the  Embassy of Nepal  in the past one  year. In    March,  we celebrated  57th Anniversary    of    the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the  two countries with Nepali musical performances in Islamabad and Lahore. In May,the Embassy organized a Peace Walk on the full moon day of Vesak to spread the message of peace followed by another pioneer event on climate change on the occasion of Mount Everest Day in collaboration with Hotel Serena. In  July,the Embassy  organized  an event on Nepal-Pakistan Tourism Promotion:Prospects,Challenges and Way Forwarda Hotel Pearl Continental in Lahore with the support of the PTDC.The Embassy received a lot of positive feed backs on these events and Iamen couraged to do more in coming days.


Ever since my arrival in this beautiful country,I got to know more about the   people and  places of  Pakistan. I  visited all provincial capitals,Chambers of Commerce,Universities as well as major cities in Pakistan. I am  very  much impressed to  see  the abundance of natural  resources, ancient cultural heritages and historic sites as well as the scenic beauty of  Pakistan. I  enjoyed friendship and hospitality of  Pakistani  people through out my visit. I am  very  pleased to  see  big  infrastructure projects and attainment of higher economic growth in Pakistan and Pakistan's commitment to attend the  Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.I commend the efforts of the Government of Pakistan to maintain peace and combat terrorism and extremism in the country.On this joyous occasion,I congratulate the Government of Pakistan for its able leadership and wish every success to the government and people of Pakistan in the days to come.I would also like  to  congratulate to  all  the Nepalese people living in Pakistan.I strongly believe that this day will further  strengthen our commitment towards national unity,peace,progress and prosperity.Once again I thank you  all  for  your gracious presence to  join  us to celebrate this happy moment. I particularly thank His Excellency the Chief Guest for his time despite his busy schedule.I thankyou verymuch for your kind attention.