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Islamabad(Tazeen Akhtar)Romania celebrated Armed Forces Day on Oct 25, 2017 with a determination and resolve to continue playing its pivotal role in maintaining peace in the region and stability in the Europe and the world. Ambassador to Islamabad H.E Nicolae Goia and Defence Attache Col Catalin Cirlanaru hosted a reception at Marriott to commemorate the services and sacrifices of Romanian solideirs for liberation of Romania and helping Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria throughout the final victory in WW11, 73 years ago. 
Air Marshall Shahid Akkhar Alvi, Chief of Air Staff (Training) was chief guest at the occasion. Many other high officials of Armed Forces of Pakistan were also present. Ambassadors of different countries, diplomats, Defence Attaches, civil society repersentatives and media also joined to celebrate the day. 
 Ambassador, H.E Nicolae Goia, in his welcome address briefed the participants about the history of Army Day. He said that "25th of October is an important day not only for the Romanian Army but for the history of Romania as well. Exactly 73 years ago, while the European continent and the world at large were trapped in the nightmare of the Second World War, the most devastating global conflict in the history of the mankind, Romanian Army had liberated the last inch of the national territory from the foreign ruling and alien administration." 
The liberation of the entire territory of Romania was achieved by the heroic fights of over half a million of fully employed troops, many of them paying the ultimate price. The loss inflicted to the enemy and the magnitude of my country’s participation in the war against Fascism alongside the United Nations powers for the liberation not only the territory of Romania but also of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria throughout the final victory, had significantly shortened the WWII, spared a huge number of lives and prevented a great deal of further destruction and material loss on the continent. Consequently,Romania had been acknowledged as the fourth contributing power in defeating Fascism in the WWII.
Ambassador said that "Jumping over the decades, today Romania is a security provider in the region and
its Army operates at the highest NATO professional standards, protecting our European democratic community of values. The proximity of the Eastern border of the Euro-Atlantic space makes my country both a gate-locker and a strategic opener of the roads. The multiple threats to the global security, terrorism above all, makes cooperation between all peace loving countries in the world in confronting the menaces of extremism of all kind, more critical and necessary then in any other moment of the history.
Presently, Romania’s Army takes part in various international peace keeping,combating terrorism and humanitarian missions in the most difficult and sensitive areas of the Planet. We are proud that two Romanian officers are currently serving in UNMOGIP.
H.E Niclae Goia said that "I, as the Ambassador of my country in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, am pleased to acknowledge the excellent professional level of the Pakistani army and the good relations existing between our two armies. This year, the first Romanian-Pakistani Joint Military Committee meeting took place in Bucharest and the next one will be organized in Pakistan, and this is only one example of the many facetscollaboration in the military field.
On the National Day of the Romanian Army, H.E Nicolae Goia and Defence Attache Col Catalin Cirlanaru  expressed  gratitude and admiration for all people under arms, for the entire body of the Romanian army and wished them from all our heart Happy Anniversary! To all Romanian and Pakistani servicemen DOSTI ZINDABAD!
Pcs Asif Farooq