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On Nov 03 Abrar Ameen was found astonished at the opinion page of The Express Tribune (Link given below) as why Pakistan has not recognized Armenia and why there is no embassy of this country in Pakistan. When one goes into the article it is disclosed that the author had to travel to Armenia to meet his friends but he could not find the embassy in Islamabad. Further he writes that Armenia refused to issue visa to a Pakistani when his friends in Armenia tried to get a visa for him in Armenia.
These main lines are enough for reaching to the conclusion that it was not some national interest issue but only individual problem. The writer of this article seems to be a very simple gentleman. Though he is a banker and heading a tech start up. He is pleading that Pakistan should recognize and establish diplomatic contacts with Armenia. The gentleman is asking for it only on the basis of his personal case that he wanted to visit Armenia and could not.
A learned professional like him should understand one thing that the countries do not open Embassies for one or two person's visa requirements. Embassies are opened in a relatively vast perspective - when bilateral cooperation reaches to a certain level.
The innocent author himself is writing that Armenia refused to issue visa and he is asking Pakistan to move forward to maintain diplomatic ties. Why the author cannot ask Armenia that you eliminate the hurdles that stop Pakistan from building relations?
The learned author writes things himself but do not give the recommendation accordingly - for example - he writes that there is no direct issue between Pakistan and Armenia, so Pakistan should recognize Armenia. The author can ask Armenia that if there is no problem then why they refused his entry into their country?
Author himself contradicting his own utterances made in his article.
Author knows very well that Armenia is aggressor and Azerbaijan is victim but he is not condemning the aggressor and his focus is only on his personal individual case - He thinks countries should change their well thought policies for this individual case only.
The author failed to conceal some other contradictions as well. For example - he writes he has friends in Georgia and Armenia but he was shocked when he came to know that there is no embassy of Armenia in Islamabad. Someone ask the writer you can have friends out there but you never knew the bilateral status of these countries with Pakistan?
Further why the author is shocked to know about no embassy in Pakistan? Not only Armenia but many other countries do not have embassies in Islamabad - Colombia -Chile and Venezuela of Latin America - Latvia, Estonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro of Europe - even Finland do not have embassies in Pakistan. Where Armenia stands if these more important countries do not have embassies here?
The author says that Pakistan is the only country that does not have diplomatic relations with Armenia. He needs to search again that Turkey is another country that has no such contact. As neighbouring countries there can be some incoming and outgoing but regular diplomatic relations do not exist. 
The author should write another article for his Armenian friends telling them about the importance of Pakistan - In this article the author is expected to point out the aggressive moves and motives of Armenia against the neighbor Azerbaijan. He needs to advise Armenian Government to end its occupation on the Azerbaijani districts - then maintain good neighborly relations with Azerbaijan. Only then Pakistan can start thinking upon establishment of diplomatic relations with Armenia.
Otherwise, the author is suggested to call his Armenian friends to some other place, have party and fun with them. We wish him the best.
Tazeen Akhtar 
Daily Azkaar 
Monthly Pakistan in the World
Member Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors CPNE Islamabad Committee
04 Nov 2018