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Islamabad(Monitoring Desk)President Mamnoon Hussain has said that if the South Asian countries do not learn to overcome their problems then the future generation will have to suffer from its repercussions. Therefore, it is necessary to promote mutual cooperation by rising above the differences for the prosperity and wellbeing of people, he added.

The President said this while addressing the Inaugural Ceremony of 7th South Asian Conference on Sanitation in Islamabad on Wednesday. Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan, Ministers from South Asian countries and delegates were present on the occasion.

The President stated that South Asian countries are faced with problems of similar nature, therefore, mutual consultation, interaction and cooperation is imperative for their solution. He underlined that current era belongs to Asia and South Asia is the heart of this world. The whole world is looking towards us; economic corridor is reducing distances between different regions and it has laid the foundation for a new age of regional development and prosperity, he added. The President emphasized that clean environment in South Asia is essential for the welfare of masses and economic development. He underscored that basic amenities should be easily available to the people according to the international standards so that life could flourish in this region and investors from all across the world could invest here without any reservations.

The President highlighted that Pakistan has witnessed unprecedented progress in the field of sanitation and hygiene during the last three decades. He pointed out that in 90’s, these facilities were available to only one-fourth of the total household. It was a major challenge but the Government has faced it with commitment & strategy, he added. He further said that Maldives and Sri Lanka have also made similar achievements for which they deserve commendation.

The President stressed that all our citizens should have access to basic necessities of life. He expressed confidence that this target would be easily achieved under the vibrant leadership of Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan, who has launched initiatives like the project of Islamabad Botanical Garden. He also directed the Ministry of Climate Change to devise a comprehensive plan for provision of basic amenities like clean water, sanitation and hygiene to all citizens and the provinces should also be brought onboard to make this policy more effective.  

While addressing the conference Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahid Ullah Khan said that the facility of clean toilet is available to 86% of the population in Pakistan. He further stated that the incumbent government has taken numerous steps to protect the environment.

On the occasion, the President also distributed souvenirs among the delegates/participants of the conference. High Commissioners of Bangla Desh and Nepal were also present and recieved the souvenires.

11 April 2018