Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..
Islamabad(Tazeen Akhtar) There are 3 types of relations between the nations of the world. 1- Government-to-Government 2- Business-to-Business 3- People-to-People. All types of relations are good but P-to-P relations are cosidered the best as they are the real relations of warm feelings, deep sincerity,heartily allegience and common interests. Pakistan enjoys very cordial relations with most of the nations of the world. But there have been only 2 countries that bear P-to-P relations with Pakistan. 
Now there is another country Ukraine that is establishing P-to-P relations with Pakistan and that was expressed on Saturday 24th March 2018 by Pakistani Graduates from Ukraine at local five star hotel. Dr Ghulam Sarwar arranged and hosted the event to bring all graduates from different cities like peshawar, Islamabad, Faisalabad,Mandi Baha ud Din etc. The graduates include Doctors, Engineers and other professionals. Some of them are married to Ukrainian girls who are living in Pakistan that is their second homeland.
Ambassador Volodymyr Lakomov was the chief guest. In his welcoming remarks , Ambassador said that " Today meeting is very special. It gathered the Pakkistanis,in whose life Ukraine has left a deep mark. Most of you are Pakistanis but ,at the same time, your destinies are tightly interxoven with Ukraine. You are the unifying link between our peoples. Therefore, we are fully entitled to consider you as our colleagues-the people's ambassadors of Ukraine in Pakistan."
"We consider you as one of the main drivers of brotherhood and creativity in our bilateral relations. Now,  more than ever,we need friends and supporters all over the world. As you all know well, Russia insidiously attacked Ukraine, seized a part of its territory. When the Ukrainian people struggle fiercely against Russian aggression,Pakistan remains our good friend."
There is no doubt that step by step day by day together we will protect our country and restore its borders, transform Ukraine into corruption free, democratic,equitable and strong state.