Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad-Care Taker Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Railway, Ms Raushan Khursheed Bharocha has said that Pakistan was always with Turkey and will remain friend always. Pakistan condemned the coup attempt first of all countries. We remember that night of 15 July when Turkish nation was saving democracy in their country by facing the most cruel acts of coup conspirators on the roads. We spent that night in pain.

She was addressing to a selected gathering of officials of Gov and Military of Pakistan , Diplomats and Media personalities here at Turkish Embassy where a commemoration ceremony was held for martyrs of the thwarted coup on July 15, 2016.

Chief guest Ms Raushan Khursheed said that when the nations stand united, no one can break them.,

Ambassador of Turkey, H.E Ihsan Mustafa said that it was not just a coup but it was the worst act of terrorism. It is impossible to find the appropriate words to describe the brutality and treachery that the putschists displayed that night.  It was the worst act of terror in the history of the Turkish Republic.

Mr. Ihsan said that we are working with Pakistan in accordance with the local system to eliminate the elements of FetullahGulen's network.

About the thwarted coup, Ambassador continued, "They used lethal military hardware against innocent civilians who took to the streets to defend their democratic institutions."

FetullahGülen, leader of FETÖ, was the mastermind behind what happened in Turkey on July15th.

FetullahGülen and his disciplesplanned and tried to capture the Turkish Republic and did not shied away from using lethal military force against innocent civilians, killing 251 and wounding thousands.

Two years long investigations and judicial process on the events of 16 July have produced countless crucial evidence.Most recent findings illustrate that even on the night of 15 July the plotters were in direct communication with the FETÖ leadership.

FETÖ established itself in around 160 countries, with thousands of schools and businesses.Their actions in Turkey should be considered as a wake-up call for other countries.We are pleased to note ever increasing awareness on part of  our  partners regarding the security threat posed by FETÖ.

In many regions FETÖ schools and other entities have been closely inspected and put under state control.Investigations into FETÖ structures and FETÖ operatives are under way in many countries. We can say that now global crime apparatus of this organization is shrinking., 

Ambassador expressed hope that with the cooperation of Pakistan, we will succeed in eradicating the network.

Documentaries on the night of coup, crushing the people under tanks, firing, bombardment at Presidency and the Parliament were screened before offering prayers for the martyrs.

13 July 2018