Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Tokyo - The Mission’s drive to present Pakistan as the Global Halal Hub took a new leap when Tomohiro Sakuma, Chairman Halal Japan Business Association called on Ambassador Farukh Amil. Their discussion was built on the solid foundation established by the Government of Pakistan’s decade-long commitment to develop and grow the Halal Industry to realize its full potential, not just among estimated under 2 billion Muslim worldwide currently (27 % of the global population by 2030) but also among the world’s non-Muslim population.

The Ambassador stressed that the Food Industries in the Muslim world would benefit from the Japanese technologies and expertise. Furthermore if these technologies were installed in a country like Pakistan (large domestic market) and at the crossroads of major regions with huge consumer demands for food items in the halal sector then that would be a win-win formula for all the stakeholders Commercial Counsellor Mr. Shehzad shared the details of Pakistan’s Halal Sector and the current Halal Certification process adopted in Pakistan.

Mr Sakuma shared that their Association has around 13,000 entities in Japan and they are quite keen to extend their cooperation beyond their traditional partner countries Indonesia and Malaysia, He showed keen interest in Ambassador’s suggestion of “Made in Pakistan Halal Products with latest Japanese Technology and Best Business Practices of Japan” and said he would look into developing this concept.