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Islamabad (Tazeen Akhtar) Federal Minister Information & Broadcasting Senator Pervez Rasheed has said that Iran is our brotherly neighbouring country with whom our mutual relations are flourishing with the passage of time. Pakistan attaches great importance to closer ties with Iran. Both countries have many things in common. The Minister was addressing the audience in a reception hosted by Ambassador of Iran H.E Mehdi Honardoost here at Serena Hotel last eve regarding 37th anniversary of the glorious victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran and National Day.

A large number of envoys from different countries were present at this auspiceous occasion. Members of Parliament, Government officials, businessmen community and media persons also graced the ceremoney.

Dean of European Envoys, Ambassador Romania Emilian Ion, Dean of Diplomatic Corp, Ambassador Argentina Rodolfo Martin Saravia, Ambassador of Eu Jean-Francois and envoys of Italy, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Poland, Tukmenista, Canada, Cuba, Philippines, Kenya were also present. A large number of diplomats from different embassies were also seen.

President Azad Kashmir and Governer Gilgit Baltistan were among top Pakistani officials. Mehmood Khan Achakzai and Lt Gen r Abdul Qayyum were also present.

Mr. Mehdi Honardoost said in his speech that "Incidence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on 11th of February 1979 was a great happening and according to Imam Khomeini (R.A) was a miracle of the century. This revolution not only changed the political structure of Iran rather became source of some of major developments in the region and world.

Although, the revolution has to pay heavy price during its existence of last 37 years like imposed war and unjust sanctions but these obstacles could not defeat the revolution and stability and sovereignty of my country constantly strengthened further.

By the blessings of Islamic revolution, Iran attained astonishing achievements, securing of political independence was the one its most important achievements. While royal regime, was a dictatorial and completely dependent regime on west. Islamic republic of Iran has independent political sovereignty and enjoying the mandate of the people.

In the shadow of this independent political sovereignty, Iran has attained significant growth and progress in various practical, economic, energy, industrial and business fields.

This is not an appropriate opportunity to depict the significant achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran but I would like to mention some of the achievements of my country as an example. Iran has witnessed more than 10 times growth in domestic industries. Whereas my country was facing shortage of electricity before the revolution and now has become electricity exporting country and exporting electricity to Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is ready to increase exports of its electricity especially to friendly and neighboring country of Pakistan. All the equipment of power plants is designed and manufactured in Iran and my country is sixth big manufacturer of power plants in the world.

We have been able to have significant progress in development of refineries and manufacturing of petrochemical products and building of 40 big oil, gas and petrochemical plants during past three decades as well as gas exports by constructing thousands of kilometers of pipelines with its internal resources are the prides of Iranian system. Production of petrochemical products has increased 26 times in Iran. There has been a stunning progress in the field of agriculture in Iran and ranked in three leading wheat growing countries of the world. According to official declaration of FAO agriculture potential of Iran is very high.

In the end, I would like to refer to the recent negotiations of Iran and P5+1 countries, in the said negotiations diplomatic power of Iran was exhibited. Iran has the readiness to endeavor for peace, stability in the region and would by utilizing its potential and power and to enhance its friendly ties with all countries especially friendly and neighboring country of Pakistan.