Pak-Korea Relations Will Touch New Heights- Dean of Diplomatic Core Welcomes Amb Kwak Sung-Kyu in Mian Fazal Elahi's Reception

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad(Staff Reporter) Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Kwak Sung-kyu has said that it is a matter of great honor for me to be appointed to Pakistan and it will be my first priority to enhance already present cordial relations in all possible fields. Republic of South Korea and Pakistan have the same approach on regional and international affairs. There is huge potential of increasing trade cooperation. H.E said his country attaches great importance to relations with Pakistan.

Mian Fazal Elahi Editor, CEO, Publisher of “Diplomatic Focus” hosted a welcome dinner reception in the honour of Ambassador. Kwak Sung-kyu at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The event was graced by newly appointed Dean of Diplomatic Corps H.E. Mr. Atadjan Movlamov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan. Mr. Elahi welcomed  new ambassador H.E. Kwak Sung-kyu and expressed gratitude and congratulation on the appointment of H.E. Mr. Atadjan Movlamov, as Dean of Diplomatic Corps. H.E. Kwak Sung Kyu is a seasonal  diplomat from Republic of Korea and his efforts will further increase the relations between the two countries, Mr. Elahi added.

Mr. Mian Fazal Elahi further said that His Excellency Atadjan Movlamov is contributing his valuable services for strengthening Pak-Turkmenistan relations throughout his tenure here in Pakistan and we hope that as DEAN H.E. will deliver more  to strengthen the relations of Pakistan and other countries. 

 Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Kwak Sung-kyu appreciated the role of “Diplomatic Focus” in strengthening the relations among the countries. In his speech Ambassador of Korea hoped that during his tenure the bilateral relations, trade, cooperation will further improve. 

H.E Kwak Sung-kyu said that his country is looking forward to peace with North Korea as our country offered them peace talks that they accepted. 

Ambassador of Turkmenistan H.E. Atadjan Movlamov thanked  Mr. Mian Fazal Elahi and Muhammad Tanveer Sadiq CEO of Travelpro, sponsor of the reception. He expressed hope that during tenure of newly appointed Ambassador of Korea, the relations between Pakistan and Korea will touch new heights.

Pakistan and Korea relations are symbolic in terms of bilateral cooperation said by Mr. Muhammad Tanveer Sadiq CEO of Travelpro. He through some lights on services and achievements of his company and expressed that he and his team is working continuously to get bench mark of Excellence in traveling and tourism.

Souvenirs were presented to dignitaries by Mr. Mian Fazal Elahi and Mr. Muhammad Tanveer Sadiq. Large number of Diplomates, businessmen, media persons along with Mr. Shah Jamal Special Secretory MOFA, Mr. Imtiaz Alam Director at MOFA, Ambassador of Yemen, Morocco, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Libya, Portugal, Poland, Syria, Kirghizstan, Deputy ambassador of Oman, Afghanistan, Ukrain, Minister counselor of Romania, Russia and Honorary counsel of Paraguay, Ambassador Designated to Cambodia of Pakistan graced the event.