Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad (Tazeen Akhtar ) Real Estate has always been a profit for sure business in Pakistan but Azizi Developments has given it a new height by offering the most lucrative benefits ever not only for the buyer but for broker as well. The launch of Azizi in this way has bewildered the already present players of the market. Two times winner of best developer of the year award in UAE and World record holder in 7 categories of construction Azizi Developments group is offering the customer buy one get one and the broker the highest commission at 3.5 %. The projects are ready in almost every second month that is again a world record.  

Azizi Developments projects has been launched in Pakistan by Amna Malik of Melange Group of Companies in collaboration with emerging marketing firm Fair Deal on 28 Oct 2017 in a ceremony held at crystal ball of Marriott. Shahid Nawaz and Khurram Shahzad from Azizi Developments and Ch Abdul Rauf of Fair Deal were also present. A large number of potential customers and dealers attended the launching ceremony. They also asked questions and gathered information about Azizi.

Amna Malik, in her welcome remarks, gave a short introduction to Aziz Developments and Melange cooperation in launching their projects Meydan and Meydan-1. She said that we will work together and provide the best opportunities to our Pakistani clients and investors. She thanked Fair Deal for managing the marketing of these projects and said that Fair Deal actually deals fair and earns the confidence of the customer.

Khurram Shahzad briefed the participants about Azizi Developments and especially about the projects of Meydan and Meydan-1. He said that one apartment in this project is worth 15 Million PKR but it will be sold on half price that is 7.5 Million PKR.  It is just like “Buy one Get one Free”. Further the apartment can by mortgaged by UAE Banks as all bank in Arab Emirates have deep confidence in Azizi Developments.  Doing this, the client can earn 165 thousand PKR monthly paving the way for other investments. Further, if the client intends to sale it, he will get profit according to actual value that is 15 Million PKR.

As long as incentives for brokers are concerned, Khurram said that we offer 3.5 % of sale value that is more than .5 Million PKR. Now in Pakistan the commission rate is only 1 %.

Meydan and Meydan-1 projects are in the best location of Dubai. The ruler of UAE Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktaum is getting constructed a city for royal family. Meydan is adjacent to that city and Meydan-1 is attached to Meydan. It means Meydan will get strength from royal city and Meydan-1 will benefit from Meydan. It makes a chain of the projects that benefit from one another.

Shahid Nawaz said that Azizi projects will also be launched in other cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi etc. Here it is worth mentioning that the projects have already been introduced in Peshawar few days before the launch in Islamabad. Hence Islamabad remains a grand launch with respect to attendance of the stake holders.

Ch Abdul Rauf assured Azizi that the trust expressed in Fair Deal will not be shattered. He said we will give positive response to Azizi from Pakistan. He said that real estate business should be conducted in fair and transparent manner to achieve trust and respect from the customer that is direly needed in Pakistan.

Note; The details of Azizi and its achievements along with accomplished and delivered projects can be seen on the following link.