India court clears Pakistani microbiologist of killing man in ’92

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

NEW DELHI: India’s top court has cleared an 82-year-old Pakistani scientist of murdering a man 20 years ago and said he can go home.

Microbiologist Mohammed Khalil Chishti came to India to see his ailing mother in the western town of Ajmer. He was accused of fatally shooting a neighbor during a property dispute with relatives in 1992.

A trial court granted him bail but did not let him leave India while the case was pending. He was convicted of murder last year.

The Supreme Court let him visit Pakistan for six months this year. It acquitted him of murder Wednesday while finding him guilty of causing minor injuries. His sentence of 16 months has already been served.

The Hindu daily quoted Chishti as saying, ”I am happy and feel vindicated.”