IDEX 2013 in Abu Dhabi - Pakistan expects huge orders of defence products from Middle East and North Africa

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Abu Dhabi; 21 Feb 2013}- “Pakistan is making good break-through in introducing its defence products and paving the way for huge orders from interested parties from various countries particularly from Middle East and North Africa. Pakistan is privileged to be a nuclear power and can produce a vast spectrum of military arsenals including sophisticated fighter planes such as JF-17 Thunder”. The Ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Jamil Ahmad Khan said this during his visit of the Pakistan Pavilion at the International Defence Expo, “IDEX” which is currently being held in Abu Dhabi.

“Pakistan is a responsible country and has a perfect mechanism of maintaining comprehensive control over its nuclear assets; even a recent visit of a delegation of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) led by its current Chairman, Ambassador Joerg Ranau of Germany, appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan for bringing its export controls, concerning the proliferation of missile and related technology, at par with the best international standards”, said the Pakistani Ambassador during the questions answers session.

“It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a submarine PNS Khalid, which was fully upgraded and modified indigenously, is displayed in IDEX” said Ambassador Khan. Multi-purpose auxiliary craft PNS Jurrat, fully fabricated in the Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) and destroyer PNS Shahjahan vessels have also been displayed in the exhibition, he said.

24 high profile and auxiliary defence production companies from Pakistan are participating in this exhibition under the banner of Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) of Pakistan. Most prominent among these companies are: Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) which is considered the backbone of Pakistan's engineering industry for the Pakistan Armed Forces and has facilities for overhaul, rebuild and progressive manufacturing of main battle tanks (MBT), armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) and armoured personnel carriers (APC); Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) which is Pakistan’s premier defence production facility, serving not only the defence requirements of the country’s Armed Forces, but also caters to the needs of external buyers by producing over 70 major products including Small Arms and Ammunition, Mortars and Artillery, Aircraft & Anti-aircraft, Tank & Anti-tank Ammunition, Bombs, Grenades and Clothing items; Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) which is Pakistan’s leading defence manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 certified company dealing in export of military, industrial, technological products and services; and Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) which is capable of constructing Naval / Commercial ocean going and harbor utility ships upto 26,000 TDW.

Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan while responding to questions of media,informed that Pakistan recently held a tri-lateral meeting with the chairmanship Troika of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), led by USA, which was hosted by Turkey in Ankara on 23-24 January 2013. The 47-member NSG works to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons through implementation of guidelines for control of nuclear and nuclear-related exports.

He said these interactions were part of Pakistan’s concerted effort to engage with the international export control regimes, in pursuance of the direction received from the National Command Authority (NCA) chaired by the Prime Minister. All this demonstrated that Pakistan has robust mechanism to meet the defence needs of international market chiefly Middle East & North Africa on affordable price and with full compliance of international regulations.