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Budapest-Hungary-Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stated that voters had rejected hatred and leaving the European Union and said yes to the new public administration system, new economic policies and governance by a people's party.Fidesz has been given a clear mandate to continue its work, Prime Minister told an international press conference on Monday. He said there was no real significance regarding the pending results in the one or two districts where the outcome was still hanging in balance. The Government will first meet on Wednesday and assess the result of the election, he stated. In response to questions about the planned composition of the new cabinet, he said more time was needed before making an announcement. Regarding Hungary's position in the European Union he emphasised that it is not anything extraordinary, "it is simply a country where issues are voiced in a firm, decisive manner and certain economic policies which are unusual in Europe are strongly advocated," he added. Hungary does not have more conflicts with the EU than any other country, which is also reflected in the number of infringement procedures against Hungary, he pointed out. The economic results of the past year are not temporary, and Hungary will do fabulously thanks to the much debated economic policies that voters have now endorsed, the Prime Minister said. He pointed to Budapest as an example, which has seen huge developments; these will be even larger in the future, he added. Hungary will be a "forerunner in the region", and the country is standing on the cusp of a great era with a "broad future", Prime Minister Orbán said. Addressing a question regarding the banking sector, the Prime Minister stated that it is justified to maintain the banking tax and keep banks within the system of fair burden-sharing. "We are glad to see that the financial institutions have incorporated the banking tax into their operation and are again making profits," he added. Answering a question about the exchange-rate policy, he emphasised that such matters were exclusively within the purview of the central bank, and "we respect that." 07 APRIL 2014