Hungary sends aid to flood-struck Serbia and Bosnia

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Budapest-A state of flood alert is currently in force along 263 kilometres of the country's rivers, the Hungarian Directorate General for Water (OVF) announced. The flood wave that has developed over recent days is peaking on the Danube in the Nagymaros area, with a water level that falls below level one alert limits. The Directorate General for Disaster Management (OKF) is maintaining a level three alert along 62 kilometres of the Hernád and 36 kilometres of the Lajta Rivers, with a level two alert along the Rába River and a 36 kilometre stretch of the Répce spillway.

A level one alert is in effect along the Szigetköz stretch of the Danube and along certain parts of the Marcal and Sajó Rivers. Quoting the latest meteorological forecasts, no significant rainfall is expected within the Danube's catchment area during the next few days, the statement reads. Similarly to Hungary, Serbia has also experienced heavy rain during the past few days, as a result of which thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and several hundreds of thousands of households are without electricity.

The Serbian Government has declared a national state of emergency and has asked for help from other countries, including Hungary. A 27-man team from the Disaster Management Authority's Hunor Rescue Service set off for Serbia on Saturday with five motorboats, a rescue helicopter and other equipment. The team will mainly be involved in rescue activities 30km south of Belgrade in and around the city of Obrenovac, as the settlement is totally under water following recent heavy rains, the resulting flooding of the Drava River and the subsequent bursting of a dam.

The rescue team has already saved six people, including three children, from the vicinity of Grobovac (Rakovica) using its rescue helicopter. Minister of Interior of the Republic of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic was at the scene and thanked Hungary personally for the help provided to facilitate rescues by air and boat. Hungary is also providing 100.000 sandbags to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the floods have also caused a critical situation. The aid convoy left the country early this afternoon and was bidden farewell by the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Budapest.

19 May 2014