Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad(Staff Reporter)Hajj flight operations at Islamabad International Airport will start from 14th July, 2018. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority offers best wishes to all the Hujjaj for getting the opportunity to perform Hajj.

PCAA management of Islamabad International Airport has made special arrangements for the convenience of Hujjaj performing Hajj this year. 

The Hujjaj are informed that the security of the airport has been increased to avoid any unpleasant incident and all the Hujjaj will be directed towards International Departure drop lane to enter the airport from level 3.

To ensure the safety and convenience of passengers and avoid congestion at the drop lane, the Management of Islamabad International Airport requests the Hujjaj to bring minimum friends and family. 

Preferably the Hujjaj are requested to come in Ahraam and to take care of their baggage and other belongings to make sure that no irrelevant person is allowed to handle their luggage.  

Your cooperation with Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority will ensure smooth Hajj operations and safety and security of Hujjaj.