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ISLAMABAD (Staff Reporter +Reuters) - Intertior Ministry of  Pakistan is taking serious notice of deporting Pakistanis from different countries without prior approval of Pakistan and without testing the deportees' nationality as if they are from Pakistan or not. After Canada it is Greece now to face "BIG NO" from Pakistan and it is creating very unpleasant situation for the envoys of these courntries who are forced to cut a sorry figure at the hands of their governments. 

Pakistan refused to allow about 30 migrants deported from Greece to get off a plane at Islamabad on Thursday, 3 Dec, a week after talks with the European Union to settle a dispute over forced repatriations. Pakistan authorities from Interior Ministry say that these deportees had no proof of Pakistani citizenship. 

Here it is worth mentioning that only one day before Greece,  Canadian High Commission recieved a letter from Interior Ministry that unlawfully sent deportees from Canada will not be allowed to enter in Pakistan. Letter said " Deporting migrants on Canadian Travel Documents and not on Pakistani Documents is voilation of human rights and international law."  

The charter plane from Greece brought 49 deportees without prior notice of Pakistan and without confirmation of citizenship of all persons on board. Ambassador of Greece Mr. Zoitis had to rush to the airport but he had to admit the reality and  later the place  took off with the rejected returnees still aboard, after 19 others whom Pakistan deemed legitimate deportees were allowed to disembark, the Interior Ministry said.

Interior Minister Ch Nisar had already made it clear in his press conference last week that  Pakistan will not accept the deportees sent without fulfilling all necessary procedures.  Interior Ministry said 30 of those who arrived on Thursday were "unverified deportees".

"Despite having settled all issues with the European Commissioner, Pakistani laws have been violated, which absolutely cannot be allowed," Khan said in a statement.

According to Reuters The EU's representative office in Pakistan said all those on board the aircraft had been given travel documents by Pakistani embassies, but that some appeared to have been refused entry because they lacked an Interior Ministry-issued identification card.

Interior Ministry sources told that the Greece Plane came without our permission. Civil Aviations authorities have been asked to explain why they allowed the plane to land.