European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion Round Table on Mass Killings - Khojaly and Kashmir Discussed with other massacres

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Brussels, 05 December 2013. Killing of innocent human beings ; extermination of groups and using violence to achieve political results have been part of human history as long as we can remember. In the near past, Jewish people suffered tremendously during the Holocaust under the Nazis, Bosnian Muslims escaped total genocide by the Serbians and Tutsis were slaughtered in Rwanda.

These atrocities are well documented and are condemned by the whole world. Unfortunately there are other mass killings all over the globe which did not get the same attention or action from the world community. Here we can name few massacres:

Massacres in the Town of Khojaly in Nagorno-Karabakh-

Official extreme violence against Kashmiris in India-

Killing and plundering in Darfur in Sudan-

and more recently

Attacks on Muslim Communities in Myanmar.

To highlight this lack of action from the nations of the World, Emisco - European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion arranged a very successful round table in the European Parliament on 5th December 2013. The members of European Parliament, Mrs Karin Kadenbach and Mr Sajjad Karim, international NGOs and representatives of Justice Campaign from various part of the world expressed their heartfelt sympathy for the victims of such massacres and reminded the politicians and media that they shouldn't be selective in their condemnations. One Human Life is as good as the whole Humanity. Impunity and Responsibilities after Crime Against Humanity and Ethnic Cleansing were stressed by the participants.

For further information, please contact: Bashy Quraishy Secretary General of EMISCO Tel: +4540154771

05 December 2013