Eroglu ready to sit at the table without any preconditions

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Lefkosa (Diplomatic Desk) President Derviş Eroğlu and the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades came together for a meeting at the Chateau Status Restaurant in the UN Controlled Buffer Zone last night.Following the meeting which continued about 3 hours, the two leaders made their separate statements to the press.

In the beginning of his speech, President Eroğlu expressed his condolences to Greek Cypriot people on the passing of former Greek Cypriot leader. In his speech, Eroğlu reminded that as soon as Anastasiades has been elected as a president, Turkish side stated that we are ready to resume the negotiations. Stressing that Anastasiades demanded a joint statement to resume the negotiations to reach a comprehensive solution in Cyprus but he turned the joint statement into a precondition, President Eroglu said that special representatives have been working on the joint statement since the first week of September and this exercise has reached a saturation point because the Greek Cypriot side was trying to include issues of substance that need to be discussed within the framework of fully-fledged negotiations.

Moreover, adding that during last night’s meeting, he proposed some new formulas to Mr. Anastasiades in order to overcome the difficulties, Eroglu pointed out that all issues discussed were the elements of Governance and Power sharing Chapter.

‘ I proposed to Mr. Anastasiades to resume the negotiations with ‘ Governance and Powersharing’ Chapter on his return from abroad. I also reiterated my proposol of 30 May to visit Apostolos Andreas Monastery together. The message I want to convey to you is clear. The necessary basis exists in the form of convergences which are on the negotiation table. I am ready to sit at the table without any preconditions’ Eroğlu added.