Draft Speech H.E Volodymyr Lakomov - Ambassador of Ukraine

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

at the reception on the occasion of the 26-th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine (September 20, 2017)


Your Excellency, Federal Minister of Defense Production Mr.Rana Tanveer Hussain!

Your Excellency, Federal Minister for States & Frontier Regions Lt.Gen ® Abdul Quadir Baloch)

Your Excellency, Chairman of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Mehmood  Khan Achekzai!


Distinguished Members of the Senate, Parliament and Government of Pakistan, Military Commanders!

Dear Ambassadors and colleagues!


Ø    Вельмишановні пані і панове! Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Хаватінаазрат!

Ø    Let me thank all of you for felicitating this event with your distinguished presence.

Ø    On occasion of the 26th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine I would like to extend my sincere wishes of peace, love and prosperity to all Ukrainian compatriots as well as to all our foreign partners and friends, especially here in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Ø    Ukrainians today have been completely formed in a single Ukrainian political Nation. Therefore, now we are stronger than ever! Ukraine not only  survived, but really made a great step forward. Truly said the well-known philosopher: “What does not kill you makes you stronger”.

Ø    Despite the ongoing Russian aggression, Ukraine has not only proved its ability to implement reforms over the three years, but demonstrated amazing results. Our economy is growing, efficient and comprehensive anti-corruption mechanisms were introduced, investment and business climate has been improved, banking system was cleaned and the state finance indicators have proved that the country is on a sound and stable way of development. All these are confirmed by the leading credit agencies which have upgraded Ukraine’s ratings


Ladies and Gentlemen! Ukrainians cannot ever be enslaved or broken! The Independence of our country was a dream and the aim for many generations of patriots. For their Freedom and Independence the best Sons and Daughters of Ukraine paid with their blood and lives. Today they are defending our country from cruel and treacherous enemy.

Ø    Russian annexation of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula and its support of armed terrorist units in the Eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas, has demonstrated a blunt violation by Russia of core principles of International Law.

Ø    Ukraine is fully committed to the process of peaceful settlement of the Donbas crisis and sees no alternative instrument for the achievement of peace than the Minsk agreements. The President of Ukraine`s plan to introduce the UN peacekeepers is a real step to reintegration of the occupied territories and establishing strong and durable peace.

Ø    We thank the US, EU countries, Сanada, and other members of world community, our strategic partner in Asia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, for the consistent support of Ukraine on the international arena.

Ø    As Ukrainian Ambassador in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am very pleased to admit that Pakistan is among our good friends.

Ø    Since Ukraine and Pakistan established Diplomatic Relations a quarter of a century ago the bilateral dialogue between them have always been brotherly and sincere, based upon good friendship and respect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Ø    We highly appreciate an outstanding cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Ukraine in the military and technical and industrial fields that will proceed in future. Both countries have become major targets of aggression and terrorism and acquired extremely valuable experience in this field.

Ø    My strong belief is that the relations between Ukraine and Pakistan are poised to make further advances in the coming years.

Ø    I am especially grateful to our great friend and Chief Guest Honorable Minister for Defense Production Mr. Rana Tanveer Hussain for honoring us with your distinguished presence and for all your efforts in supporting cooperation between Ukraine and Pakistan in the high technology field.

Ø    I would like to extend special thanks to our sponsors from the State Company “UKRSPECEXPORT”, as well as to company “TROJANS”, flagship of modern industry & technology in Pakistan, for your generous assistance in arranging this diplomatic function.

Ø    Thank you.

Ø    Long live friendship between Ukraine and Pakistan! God bless Ukraine and Pakistan! Слава Україні! Ukraine Pakistan Dosti Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!