DAY OF GERMAN UNITY- Positive Narrative is required in all sectors-Ambassador Kobler prioritize Youth&Education-Suggests restoration of flights -Pakistan expresses warm feelings for German Gov&People

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad (Tazeen Akhtar) Day of German Unity celebrated at German Embassy’s beautiful and spacious garden, on Oct 03, 2017 attracted a large number of notables from different walks of life making it one of the biggest events of Pakistani Capital. Ambassador of Germany H.E Martin Kobler’s address on this occasion was not a routine, written, formal address but his words were carrying voice of his heart with warm feelings and best wishes for Pakistan and bilateral relations. His speech was heard in the same way, from all Pakistani guests who declared it “A true friend’s speech”. Ambassador talked about a positive narrative for Pakistan in which Youth and Education will be at the forefront of mutual relations.

Reciprocally, Pakistani Federal Minister for Commerce Mr. Pervez Malik conveyed a message of respect, friendship and gratitude from Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, for German Gov and people.

Governor Punjab, Rafiq Rajwana, was also present to represent Gov of Punjab.

Among the guests were parliamentarians, Gov and Military officials, representatives of Germany-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce along with members of different chamber of commerce from around the country including ICCI. Diplomats, officials of international institutions in Islamabad, civil society and media were also present.  

  Ambassador Martin Kobler in his welcome address said that I am so proud that I see so many industrialists here who support idea of promoting youth because private entrepreneurs and companies need well trained, educated young work force, men and women, in order to free the country from its problems.

“Pakistan in 2050 will have 400 million people among them 200 will be young people. Therefore everybody should work to give these young people a perspective and this is indeed private entrepreneurs and companies. We have to promote innovative approach in the private sector to creative ideas.” Ambassador continued.

Mr. Martin Kobler was delighted to see German Pakistani Chamber of Commerce representatives in the reception. He asked the question “Is it possible that there is a full-fledged chamber be linked to German network of chambers so that economic train of the country can be sponsored together?”

Another question, Ambassador asked”Is it possible to have resumption of Lufthansa flights to Pakistan or PIA flights for Frankfurt?”

(Federal Minister Pervez Malik will certainly convey this question cum message to Prime Minister and Gov of Pakistan can work on the restoration of flights)

Ambassador suggested to adopting a “Positive Narrative” in all spheres from economy from culture from political and religious circles that will gather all for the well being of the county.

Mr. Martin Kobler said “I would be happy if you support promotion of  youth and education to the forefront of bilateral relations.”

At the end, Ambassador expressed his desire for prosperity, development and peace for Pakistan and strong mutual relations.

Federal Minister for Commerce Mr Pervez Malik representing Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas also addressed the notable gathering. He said that PM was busy with some urgent work this evening (Meeting of PMLN General Council and Selection of Nawaz Sharif as Party Head). Prime Minister however sent his message of congratulations and warm feelings for German Gov and people.

 Minister Pervez Malik said that Pakistan values traditionally strong relations with Germany. both countries share common views on number of global issues. We wish to establish broad based, substantial, long term relations. A large number of Pakistanis, living in Germany, are contributing positively to the economy of Germany. They act as bridge between two countries. There is great potential to further strengthen mutual cooperation in trade, investments, defence, science, technology and people to people relations. Germany and Pakistan should continue to explore opportunities in these areas for mutual benefit.

Pervez Malik said that Pakistan appreciates German support for Pakistan in getting GSP status in European Union. GSP has contributed significantly to increasing exports to all EU countries and Germany, becoming second largest partner of Pakistan.

“Gov of Pakistan has taken many important steps to meet obligations of conventions for GSP. Democratic Gov is committed to Sustainable Development and good governance

The Government of peoples of Pakistan considers people as equal partners in our quest for economic development and we will ensure benefits to share without any discrimination of gender, religion.

(Minister emphasized on the words of Democratic and Gov of People that is quite understanding in the light of present political turmoil in Pakistan)

Pervez Malik said that there is a need to increase high level interactions on two sides for better understanding and deepening of cooperation in different fields.

He admired the Ambassador for his “wonderful start” in two weeks and the way he showed commitment to further increase bilateral relations.

Earlier national anthems of both countries were played. Pakistani anthem was not recorded but it was sung by a group of guests. Delicious food including German dishes was served for the guests who liked it a lot. It was a memorable evening.