D-8 Global Vision for 2012-2030 unfurled-collaboration and close cooperation-pursue good governance- collaboration in global challenges- global economic architecture from our perspective in focus

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

ISLAMABAD, NOV 22 (DNA) – D-8 global vision 2012-2030 has been issued, on the occasion of D-8 conference held in Islamabad. Following is the full text of D-8 global vision.“D-8, as an intergovernmental organization, comprising Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, based on friendship, solidarity and pursuit of sustainable economic growth, endowed with abundant human and natural resources, aspires to become a dynamic economic grouping promoting sustainable development of its member states, as well as be a major actor in the global economic governance and system, and international economic cooperation.

D-8 is committed:

1. To promote fruitful collaboration and close cooperation between and among the member states in the widest possible fields, particularly in the agreed priority areas, and enhance mutually beneficial interdependence within the D-8 community, and active promotion of liaison with other regional and international organizations and institutions, with a view to the realization of internationally agreed development goals and graduation of LDCs;

2. To work towards broadening the support for the Organization at the national level within the member states, and strengthen its weight and voice at regional and international levels, including through active engagement in and promotion of South-South and South-North cooperation;

3. To promote and enhance collaborative partnership and engagement between public and private sectors at the national level within and among the member states;

4. To pursue good governance, rule of law, sound economic policies, and political stability as prerequisites for a smooth process of long-term development, improvement in standards of living in the member states, and the promotion of mutually beneficial relations with other member states, regional groups and the world at large;

5. To rise to the task of meeting existing and emerging global challenges through innovative collaboration arrangements and mechanisms in such strategic fields as capacity-building, transfer of technology, and investment and capital assistance, in order to cushion against externally induced economic shocks, climate change, food and energy insecurity, etc.;

6. To strive towards developing an appropriate model for integration among the member states with a view to promoting the Organization’s competitive edge at the international level; and

7. To contribute to the changing architecture of global economic governance from the perspective of developing countries.

D-8 will collaborate with others on the basis such core values as peace, dialogue, cooperation, justice, equality, moderation, democracy, rule of law, harmony, peaceful coexistence, and inclusion.

D-8 Strategy towards achieving its long-term ideals and objectives, as enumerated above and also laid out in the 2008-2018 Roadmap, is based on an objective analysis of the tremendous potentials of the entire community, shared commonalities, and particular characteristics and challenges of the member states, and on the resolve to overcome challenges through steadfast cooperation and collective effort”.