C.P.E.C LEAKS---- AFTER PANAMA & DAWN - M.I Sets Up Special Desk to Counter Enemy's Designs -Businessmen Community Terms as Monitoring Desk

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad (Tazeen Akhtar 04 May 2017) The nation is poised to watch another leaks in the near future after Panama Leaks and Dawn Leaks. Third Leaks can be C.P.E.C Leaks and that would be the biggest leaks in the history of Pakistan. Reliable sources are linking CPEC Leaks with the creation of a special desk on CPEC in Military Intelligence but that is most probably to address the Indian conspiracies. R.A.W has established a special cell to sabotage CPEC and Special Desk in Pakistan's Military Inteligence seems to deal with enemy's designs. 

As long as CPEC Leaks are concerned, that is another matter and no one has to establish any set up to do that because Government itself is enough to provide the suffiecient material for these leaks. Government is not sharing the exact information with anyone including media and businessmen community. Two persons or Two parties can hide details of their matters of understanding but how a state to state agreement can not be shared with the stakeholders especially media and businessmen community. No one knows the facts and figures of this mega project. That makes the actions of the government suspicious. Even the diplomatic community has expressed confusion over this project. Spanish Ambassador at Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce had already said that CPEC is a mystry. 

Architect  of this project at Ministry of Planning, Dr Safdar threatened to leave the briefing at Fast University a few days ago when a repersentative of businessmen community insisted for making the agreement public. 

"Officials say that CPEC is a National Interest and no one is allowed to breach in. When someone criticizes on the secracy or anything else, he is declared agent of the enemy." A member of FPCCI said while talking to us on the condition of anonymity. 

Another big confusion is that who will mainly sign the agreements with China for using the route. One province signed free route for 25 years while another province was generous enough for 40 years. Everyone looks anxious to offer consessions to China and no one is looking after the national interests. 

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce (FPCCI) has published its research report on CPEC that is full of apprehensions and reservations. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Gujranawala Chamber of Commerce have their own objections and questions that they are discussing at personal level but not on record only to avoid government's anger.

Chambers of Commerce do not agree with the government's stance that local industry will not be affected by CPEC. They say that how that is possible in the presence of free trade agreement that allows Chinese Businessmen and Traders to flood our market with their stuff. Chinese companies enjoy special packages there. They can manufacture everything cheaper than Pakistani companies. Here in Pakistan, local industry is already in very weak position. What they will do when Chinese items will be available all over the country.

"Government's claims that CPEC will be a game changer but no change has been seen so far from Gilgit to Gawadar." Said a businessman.

Here it is worth mentioning that former C.J Justice r Iftekhar Chaudhary addressed to a widely attended press conference by media at a hotel in Islamabad a few weeks ago. He said that in Balochistan no sign of development has been noticed. Authorities are repairing already constructed roads in the name of CPEC. When we asked that " Ok, Gov of Pakistan may be doing wrong, but how China will remain silent on any corruption or mismanagement in a project that is important for them as well"? Former C.J did not reply and said " China is a friend country. I do not want to comment about it.

K.P gov of P.T.I has expressed its differences with Islamabad many times. Lastly,few weaks ago, Minister Planning Ahsan Iqbal and C.M KP Pervez Khattak visited China to attend a conference on CPEC. There CM KP agreed with Minister Planning on issues like western route and economic zones. But matter of fact is that differences are too deep to settle. Chinese Ambassador had to clear more than once that CPEC is for whole Pakistan. Now people of Pakistan are looking forward that the whole Pakistan means the whole public or whole leadership only. 

Special Economic Zones are to be establish along CPEC but still no one knows where these zones will be constructed. The bigger part of CPEC is about power projects. Approximately 34 Billion Dollars are for energey generating projects. So far there is no information that where these projects are and when they will start generation. Country is still facing loadshedding of more than 8 hours in big cities. Government has only one year now on. 

It has been observed that Chinese companies working on CPEC are bringing everything and every worker from their own country. This nagates the claims of gov of Pakistan that CPEC will open doors of employment for our youth. 

These are a few factors that give rise to apprehensions that CPEC is bringing another leaks after Panama and Dawn. Government needs to understand that before it is too late.