Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Lahore (Commerce Reporter) Speaking at local hotel “consulate forum organized by PakTurk Businessmen Association (PTBA) entitled”. The role of the consulates in the development of trade, business and investment” U.S.A counsel General Mr. “zach” Harkenrider stated that America is willing to invest more in Pakistan economy. Our mutual relations are going on right way positively.

Portugal honorary counsel General Mr.Firoz Said that his country gives much importance to its mutual relations with Pakistan. Uganda counsel .Mr. Awais Rouf said while addressing at forum that Africa is a virgin market for Pakistani products and exports.

Mr.Sadi Yildirir shed light on the importance of the counsel General that development and growth of trade, business and investments. He said such forum and gathering can positively portrait Pakistan soft image in the world.

Chairman PTBA. Mr.Shair Rasheed shared the successes of the Association stating that they have brought too million investments in Pakistan with their efforts since last few years. Relief work like building a model village of 395 houses in flood areas of Muzfar-Garh and 15 trucks relief good for earth quake effects are some of their social welfare projects examples.

Many counsels and honorary counsel general like Austria, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Portugal, Sudan, Malta, Mauritius, Holland and other countries participated in t he forum and represented their states and shared their views. chen one CEO mian Kashif  Ashfaq, Lahore Esschm CEO Khawaja Khawar Rasheed ,Sukh cheyn Garden society CEO imtiaz Ali khan and khan trade centre director waseem khan were awarded PTBA membership certificates by U.S.A counsel General Mr. Zachary Harkenkider. Ex. MPA Hafiz Mian Muhammad numan shed light on the govt. policies and initiative for foreign investors. he also appreciated PTBA role in bringing FDI in the country and facilitating local businesses community.