Celebrating 17 May in Islamabad with ”Little Norway”-Pakistan is far away from Norway, but yet so close.Ms. Cecilie Landsverk

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

ISLAMABAD; May 19- 2012--Our guests of honour at the Constitutional day celebrations in Islamabad this year were our fellow citizens originating from the Gujrat distrtrict in Pakistan, and more spesifically, from Karajan and Lalemusa. We have taken the liberty to name the area: “Little Norway”. A prominent member of the friends group of “Little Norway” is His Excellency, Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting. We were pleased to also welcome him at this year’s event.
In her speach, the Norwegian ambassador Ms. Cecilie Landsverk highlighted the following:
“....Pakistan is far away from Norway, but yet so close. When visiting Karajan, Lalemusa and some other parts of the Gujrat district, I feel more welcome than when I land in Oslo.
Here I learn about an important part of what is actually today’s Norway, its culture and people. I can sit in the warm and welcoming Kaira-house and discuss Norwegian politics, Norwegian bad weather or every-day issues from daily life in Oslo and at the same time discuss challenges in Pakistan, the harvest in Karajan or traditions of families in Lalemosa. I meet people who are now proud Norwegians, - but with their roots in Gujrat, and their warm harts also beating for Pakistan.
These people, together with the Pakistanis who have somehow joined “Little Norway” in the Gujrat district, are unique to us, in the sense that they build solid bridges between our two countries.
What we do at the Embassy to build good relations between Pakistan and Norway is of course important too, - but today I would like to particularly honour all the good initiatives taken by Norwegians originating from Pakistan and their good Pakistani partners in “Little Norway” for what they have done for our two nations.
The hard labour of the Pakistanis coming to Norway since late 60-ies/early 70-ties has been important to build prosperity up to the level we enjoy today. These fellow citizens now represent a solid pole in our society.....”.

According to Norwegian traditions, the children were put at the centre of our celebrations. The famous “Rafi Peer” theatre graciously contributed with a fantastic performance of magicians, dolls-play and acrobats. Many thanks to our good partners and friends in “Rafi Peer”.
Also many thanks to the musicians for giving us a joyous brief concert and a memorable presentation of the Norwegian National anthem.