Argentine Republic Polo Cup- Shahtaj Beats Hashoo Group - Ambassador Ivan Appreciates Islamabad Club Polo Academy

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad(Sports Reporter)The Shahtaj-4 won the Argentine Republic Polo Cup in a match with the team of Hashoo Group at the final match played on Sunday 15 Oct at the Islamabad  polo ground.

Shahtaj’s Hamza Mowaz scored five goals for his team, while the team won with a score of 8:1. A large number of diplomats, politicians’ and local polo lovers& players attended the match.

A 13-year-old boy, Turab Rizviwho played for the Hashoo team showed a lot of confidence and played a good game. Whereas, his 16-year-old brother, Aun Abbas was playing for the other team and also scored a goal for the victorious team. H.E. Mr. Ivan Ivanissevich, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic distributed the trophies among the players of the winning team as well as among the competitive runner-up team.

During the first chukker of the finals, Shahtaj had only scored one goal against Hashoo, which was goaled by Hamza Mowaz. Two goals from winning team were scored in the next chukker by Matias Olmos, an Argentinean player who is an international trainer and has also been running the Islamabad Club Polo Academy for the last couple of years. During this chukker, Saqib Khakwani scored the Hashoo group’s only goal.

Hamza Mowaz made the goal three more times in the next chukker, putting his team in the comfortable position of 6:1 before the start of the final chukker.

During the last and fourth chukker, Shataj’s Osman scored another goal for his team which was followed by another by Aun Abbas, which received great appreciation from the spectators.

Hamza and his horse were both awarded for their brilliant performance. Five teams participated in the tournament.

Earlier in his welcome address Ambassador Ivan said that Together with my team at the Argentine Embassy I would like to share with you our great satisfaction for hosting today the final of the Argentine Republic Polo Cup.  What a wonderful match Shahtaj and Hashoo have played today!  Please applause for both of them!

The tournament has been blessed by a marvellous setting at the Islamabad Club, to whom we would also like to express our most sincere gratitude.

Mr Ivan said that I would especially like to thank the Chairman of Gerry’s Group, Mr. Afzal Wali Muhammad for his and his Group’s generous support to this initiative.  Without it would never have taken place.

One of the aims of this tournament is to ensure greater visibility to the work being undertaken by the Islamabad Club Polo Academy, which counts with an excellent Argentine coach and, today, a member of the Shahtaj team, Mr Matias de Olmos.

Ambassador said that The Academy is already producing very promising teenage players like Syed Turab Rizvi, who played today for the Hashoo team.  It is opening the door for further development of those players here in Pakistan and abroad, including in Argentina, thereby contributing to the growth of top class polo players here in Pakistan.

The Academy is also fostering the young players’ discipline, sense of responsibility and respect not only for their own team mates but for players playing for the opposing teams.  These are essential qualities for the development of good managerial skills and leadership in business or public administration, for instance.  So, they are also contributing to the future of Pakistan.

On a wider perspective, polo is a symbol of the ties that unite Argentina and Pakistan since 1947 onwards.

Ambassador said that Argentine players come regularly to play in Lahore and Karachi, while Pakistan players visit every single year Argentina to train, play and buy ponies.  Argentine and Pakistan players meet in international tournaments and sometimes even play together in the same teams.

Furthermore, the field here was built by Pakistan workers, according to a design and following directions provided by an Argentine company.  It is probably one of the best if not the best field in Pakistan.

It seems to me that polo also offers to our two countries a very special meeting point for the development of friendship, understanding and additional paths of cooperation.

Directly or indirectly, polo players, teams and tournaments maintain a link with farming and agro-industry.  The potential of development of agro industrial activities should not be underestimated.

Demands for greater value-added food and agricultural products increases with the development of bio fuels and biomedical products, just to mention two of them.

It is crucial that we remain aware of this, and that we explore and take advantage of all avenues to develop trade and cooperation between our two countries in this field.  Many of you may have interests in the agro-industrial sector, and we invite you to contact our Embassy to discuss possible future initiatives.