ALL IS NOT GREEN FOR P.T.I - Editorial Tazeen Akhtar

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..
Pakistan is going into General Elections at the end of July 2018. Schedule is the same but yes there are apprehensions of delay as well. Political scenario adds to these apprehensions. Nawaz Sharif can not contest elections PMLN is loosing its electables to PTI that is being seen as new Government in waiting. Here another question rises " PTI is King's party or not"?. The signals so far reply in positive. But certainly all is not green for PTI. Accepting the electables of other parties PMLN and PPP is also being seen by all in general and PTI founding members in particular as a big CHANGE in the slogan of CHANGE. Fauzia Qasori left PTI for the same reason. If PMLN and PPP are corrupt and status quo parties , how their electables can help Imran bring change in the country? 
Composition of PTI is very interesting. Except Imran, every one is from such parties that have been the main target of Imran's harsh criticism during all passed years. Further, the two main second line leaders of Imran's party can not bear each other at all. We already knew about this revilary and last week we have seen it by latest when Shah M Qureshy and J.Tareen had an exchange of warm words in the presence of Imran. SMQ is looking forward to be the Prime Minister designate of PTI and J.T has been the main ATM for PTI. Imran can ignore none of them. 
Another million dollar question is wether PTI can bring out its voter to polling stations and help them cast their votes in a systematic manner ? Face Book and Twitter likers and members are never seen on the polling stations. Participants of rallies do not necessarily come out from homes on the polling stations. PTI may be enjoying support from UPPER side but losing ground from LOWER sides. 
PTI hard workers are looking at the Fall of Wickets with another point of view. And PTI leaders have started slaping the opponents in live tv shows. Both phenomenons are going against Imran who himself is not favorite from Prime Minister in the eyes of so called ESTABLISHMENT only for his personality characteristics, having no patience to listen the other side of view and calling everyone a theif or  decoit. 
When two major parties are THEIVES n DECOITS, one can better understand how the democratic system will be moving ahead. Especially when PTI will not be able to gather majority required for  single party rule. Yes, he is new and should be given at least one chance to prove his capacity to run the country but now it is about running a country and that in the comity of nations. Staging sit inns on roads is easy but taking different ideas and people along to manage a state is totally different thing. 
PMLN and PPP are two big realities of this system. One Imran can not face two big experience parties with two two vibrant and popular leaders; Nawaz+Shahbaz and Zardari+Bilawal. And Maryam Nawaz herself can place a hard challenge for Imran. History can be researched. A house wife, Kulsum Nawaz bewildered General Musharraf and Maryam is the daughter of same brave lady. 
So, better, be humble and cohesive. Do not present yourself as if you are angle and others all are Satans. Democracy can move forward only when you accept the presence of all political forces. As long as, elimination of corruption and accountability is concerned, people of Pakistan know that it is all political oriented and nothing will come out from this balloon but air only. 
27 May 2018