“100 Innovations of Finland” Translation launched by a Finish-Pakistani

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad—Speakers of a book launch said that Finland 's political and social innovations could be lessen for Pakistan to become welfare state based on equality.

They were speaking in a book “100 Innovations of Finland” launch translated by Finish-Pakistani Muhammad Arshad Farooq (Immigration Councilor Finland) organized by National Language Authority (NLA).

Talking on the occasion Muhammad Arshad Farooq said that Pakistan can learn a lot of from the social and political innovations of Finland in different fields of life as political and social, economic, educational and health sector.

He saw Finland’s single parliamentary political system could be role model for Pakistan suggesting we can use the money which being used in different level parliamentary system in our country to provide books and lunch to school going children and reforms in medical services.


The book comprised on 108 essays written by experts of different walk of life focusing, political, social, educational, economic, cultural, technological advancement in the country.

While chairing the ceremony Iftikhar Arif, well known poet and intellectual said Arshad Farooq  has not seed the Finland a tourist rather as a resident of the country. “I read travel stories of Norway and Sweden probably this would be a first book on Finland”.

On the occasion chief guest and editor of the book Dr Ilkka Taiple said that like any other country technical innovations overlaps economic issues in Finland. More than four percent of GDP is being used for research and development of the country. The book provides a serious and entertaining look of the innovation of the country, he said.

Dr Anwar Ahmed, chairman NLA said Arshad Farooq’s translation should be considered an addition in Urdu literature regarding Finland.

Amer Ibraheem, Humara Ishfaq, Dr Asad Faid, Syed Sardar Ahmad Pirzada and other intellectuals participated in the ceremony.