Pakistan-born Ukrainian baron made fortune in steel

Vijai Maheshwari

We expect oligarchs from the former Soviet Union to have names like Boris or Roman, to love football, and to sound like John Malkovich’s KGB character in the cult poker film Rounders. So it comes as a surprise to meet Pakistan-born Mohammad Zahoor in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, a cricket-loving oligarch with a weakness for spicy lamb korma. An industrialist-turned-media mogul who made a fortune in the post-Soviet steel industry, the 57-year-old Zahoor is a white tiger—a foreigner in the oligarchs’ cabal.

"Islamic Jihad"

During the 15th Dec 2012 suicide attack by Taliban on Peshawar Airport in North Pakistan, 10 attackers who were involved, were killed by the security forces.

Measuring the media

Ghazi Salahuddin

When Bushra Gohar, one of the bright stars of the National Assembly, entered politics as a member of the Awami National Party, she did not know that “I am an entertainment”. This is how this plucky woman from a region that is afflicted with violent extremism, described the quality of talk shows on our news channels. Her observations were part of an in-depth and structured discussion on the state of the media in Pakistan in Islamabad on Thursday.

Hazrat Mahdi-King Messiah- Is living in current century?


We are all curious as to the answer to that question. And we are praying for the establishment of a lasting peace this time. The conflict that has been going on for years comes to a halt with agreements reached from time to time, but it has still not come to an end. Because of these conflicts, the innocent peoples of Palestine and Israel cannot live in peace. And yet both sides share a common belief that will be instrumental in peace being brought about … ‘The King Messiah, or Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

France and NATO


AT the last NATO summit in Chicago, very soon after he took office, President François Hollande set out his vision of our country’s place in the Atlantic alliance: France is an ally that exercises its responsibility as a founding member and is committed to promoting common values but does not hesitate, if necessary, to air its differences honestly. This position is in line with the one the Socialist Party took in particular during the debate in 2009 on France’s return to the integrated command: allied yes, aligned no.

The arrival of spring has reopened all the accounts

Point of View-Qamar Zaman Kaira, Information Minister Pakistan- Dec 7-2012- It is hard to fix the bungled up things. When extra-constitutional arrangements are made they create such convolutions which are difficult to untangle through legal discourses. They can best be resolved through a combination of the vision of the elected representatives and the uninterrupted continuity of the political process. When the matters take an ugly turn, the ball is again thrown back in the court of the people.

Intensive Anti-Corruption Campaign Underway in Hungary

The leaders of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, the Curia, the National Office for the Judiciary, the General Prosecutor's Office and the State Audit Office have been jointly assessing the anti-corruption measures of the past year. The organisations issued a joint declaration last year in which they undertook to achieve coordinated and effective action against corruption.

‘Fusion of Cultures’

Pakistan Foreign Office Women Association (PFOWA) held its annual charity bazaar-2012 with the title ‘Fusion of Cultures’ here on Sunday Dec 02-2012.The diplomatic community's families in the federal capital participated enthusiastically. The latest activity was arranged by first lady of the Saudi Embassy Ms Aljouhrah Abdullah Al-Raisi wife of the Saudi ambassador Dr Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Saleh Al-Ghadeer.

Go towards alliances

This article is about an intellectual of Pakistan origin from Denmark. Bedari e Fikar Forum arranged a seminar in  Mr  Bashy Qureshi's honor. He delivered a lecture about  Muslims Initiatives in Western Societies. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a human being in the world of men but I found Mr. Bashy Quraishi as a human being. He talked about Muslims empowerment through alliances, alliances with Muslims or non Muslims states or organizations. Being a young generation and emerging scholar firmly convinced with his argument because it's a fragile time for Muslims.

European Union made mistakes on Cyprus issue

BRUSSELS; Nov 15-Socialist leader Hannes Swoboda has criticized the EU for making mistakes in Cyprus and resisting the opening of negotiation chapters with Ankara.

Speaking to reporters at the launch of the book “EU Enlargement Anno 2012: A Progressive Engagement,” the leader of the second largest group in the European Parliament (EP) and chairman of the Progressive Alliance of the Socialists and Democrats said the EU had made mistakes regarding the Cypriot problem.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility towards Climate Change Resilience

By Tahir Hasnain-Posted: 22 November 2012- As the pressure to address climate change increases, debates on connections between the businesses, the population and environment are being renewed. The importance of private sector involvement in terms of scaling up or leveraging public sector capital is now crucial due to two good reasons:

1) care for society and nature is linked with sustainability of the business, and

2) public funds will not be sufficient to meet the investment requirements of a successful climate change coping strategy.

D-8 conference: A milestone

Ansar Mahmood Bhatti-The D-8 Summit held in Islamabad on November 22, 2012 adopted the Charter, Global Vision and Islamabad Declaration, which would go a long way in the history of the organization. Leaders from D-8 in their statements felicitated Pakistan on assuming the chairmanship and reposed their confidence in Pakistan’s leadership. In a special ceremony following the Summit meeting, the leaders witnessed signing of the Charter by their Foreign Ministers, which in itself was a landmark event not only in the history of D-8 but for Pakistan as well.

A Gift to the Nation on Iqbal Day

( Farzana Raja) Today NOV 09 the nation is celebrating the Birth Day of Sir. Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the East, a great visionary thinker and the philosopher of Pakistan. He was a dynamic legislature and a politician whose greatest achievement was to create the ideology of Pakistan, which later became the very basis of independence of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal, as a pragmatist, laid emphasis on the doctrine of self-realization (Khudi), which means the realization of divine attributes forming the essence of man’s nature and ultimately leading to progress.