America’s Pacific Century

Gen Mirza Aslam Beg -America’s Pacific Century — I

Freedom of Region or Belief

Baroness Warsi addresses Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit on Feb 8 , 2013- She speaks about Freedom of Region or Belief and the hope for honest, open and frank dialogue between countries during a visit to Cairo. She also met with His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and His Eminence the Shaykh Al Azhar during the visit.Speaking at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit in Cairo Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi said:

Your Majesties, your excellencies,

USA, Pakistan, and Afghanistan: Now and Beyond 2014

Richard Olson

Richard Olson, Ambassador of USA to Pakistan delivered this speech on January 30 at the ISSI in which he specifically talked about recent Afghan situation; Pakistan’s role and situation which may emerge after allied forces pull-out from Afghanistan. Here are some excerpts from the detailed speech.

Speech of Prime Minister Hungary Viktor Orbán at the Bruegel Economic Research Institute

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

First of all, let me please thank you for having me here today. Well, it is not easy to find an answer why you have invited me. It is obvious that there are stronger and more populated countries in the European Union whose impact on our community is much bigger than Hungary’s. I am aware that a country of Hungary’s size cannot say grave things but can say interesting things. I will keep this wisdom in mind throughout my remarks.

Cycled to Pakistan

Florian, a 26-year-old German cyclist stayed at my house before he left for his expedition around Islamabad. In the few hours he spent here, he was able to inspire me with his will to be free; through his life’s story, he gave me an alternate way to look at my own life.


On 28th January 2013 Copy of the Letter by Chairman NAB was released to the Media- addressed to the President of Pakistan:

‘A comprehensive approach to counter-terrorism’

Statement by H.E. Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, at the Open Debate of the Security Council on ‘A comprehensive approach to counter-terrorism’

New York, 15 January 2013

The mystery of Tahir ul Qadri

WHO and what is Tahir ul Qadri? And, more importantly, who is behind him? Those are the questions now racing through political Pakistan, with no firm answers. The religious cleric, previously a minor figure politically, has been living in Canada since 2006, where he acquired Canadian citizenship. Since he arrived back in Pakistan last month, however, Mr Qadri has caused a political sensation with his demands that Pakistan's democratic system be reformed.

Misgivings about Tahir-ul-Qadri

Shireen Mazari

Dr Tahirul Qadri undoubtedly moved me on December 23, especially with the sea of green and white flags and the passionate resonance of the national anthem. We may be far from where we want to be, or should be, as a nation, but the passion and dream lives on in so many of us. Dr Qadri’s message touched a chord and the instinct was to join up in his caravan for change. After all, this was what had attracted me to the PTI until the “electables” invasion, traditional manoeuvring and takeover.

Building a new democracy in Pakistan

Sherry Rehman

In 2008, the people of Pakistan were successful in their struggle for democracy, even though we lost our leader, Benazir Bhutto, in the campaign against terrorism and extremism, as she bravely led the way to representative government. As I fielded the rush of global messages condoling her death, I will never forget that the highest number came from the U.S. Congress extolling her lifelong, courageous fight, remembering her as an iconic champion for democracy.


Muhammad Aamir Rana -Pakistan  is facing the severe security crisis and our security elite is sleeping as if there is nothing to worry about. Everyday the terrorists are attacking the civilians and the Government and its institutions are just watching and issuing meaningless condemnations .Only one day after six people were killed and fifty others injured when a Sargodha bound bus was blown in Karachi , twenty more innocent people lost their lives when a car bomb hit a convoy of three Iran-bound buses in Mastung in Baluchistan on Sunday.

A Queen with a strong and personal message

Every December 31st the Danish Queen, Margrethe II, gives her New Year speech on TV. From time to time, it contains moral reminders to the Danish people but the speech is, nevertheless, one of the most popular broadcasts year after year.

"God Save Denmark"

TTP leaves not much room for negotiation

WHEN is an offer to negotiate not really an offer to negotiate? When it is made by the TTP, it appears. First, Asmatullah Muawiya, leader of the so-called Punjabi Taliban, threw out a surprising feeler: give us a Sharia-compliant (read: the militants’ version of the Sharia) constitution in Pakistan and withdraw support for the foreign-led war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and the TTP may deign to negotiate with the Pakistani state.

BB and Democracy

Farzana Raja

Every moment of incessant struggle of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, her speeches as a source of strength for the people, her expression of sheer courage on the face of every threat and depiction of the inspiration of people have always been remained a source of strengthen for me. Her great struggle and services for her beloved country could inspire any and individual in the world and her sacrifice and laying down her life is being termed a guarantee for the sustainability of the democracy in Pakistan.


Jesus Zenan Buergo

On January first, 1959 the Cuban people began a new era with the triumph of the Revolution, which definitely marked the demise of a regime that represented the interests of the most reactionary forces in that time, that wanted to keep our country under a semi-colonial status. This beautiful day was the awakening of a Nation that, after many years of struggle, decided to embark on the path of genuine political and economic independence, having reached and consolidated this effort for more than 50 years of great sacrifices.