Election 2013: Challenges ahead

Dr Raja Muhammad Khan - As a result of Election-2013, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has come up as a majority party in the Centre and Punjab. The former ruling elite; Pakistan People Party though lost General Elections, but, maintained its ascendancy in Sind Province. There has been a split mandate in KPK and Balochistan.

Hello! Prime Minister

Iqbal Khan - Congratulation! People have reposed trust in you. Welcome to the political wonderland— “Pakistan 2013”. Kindly remember your manifesto; those who voted for you have certainly committed it to memory.

The challenges for the next government

Muhammad Aamir Rana

The first ever political government completes its much trumpeted five years and the political parties are preparing for next general elections scheduled on May 11, 2013. During these five years, the ruling coalition had complete freedom to make policies and run the government. Yet, their achievements remain mundane at best.

The man who saved his country

 Liaqat Toor

Rapidly developing and flourishing Azerbaijan is a living monument of Mr. Heydar Aliyev.

He, with his untiring efforts, indomitable will and dauntless courage united his Nation and built a modern, independent Azerbaijani state.Mr. Heydar Aliyev was born on 10 May 1923 in Nakhchivan city of Azerbaijan.

Army, elections and Taliban

Muhammad Ali Ehsan

The question that army needs to answer is ‘Why militancy and extremism has raged out of control and carries the momentum that it carries today?’ Are appeasement, peace accords and reconciliation with the Taliban leadership not the policy tools which failed and didn’t work in the past? Didn’t its senior generals not embrace, hug and garland militant leaders that killed its soldiers?

Resolving YouTube issue

Mohammad Jamil

Google Inc, the owner of YouTube, is currently engaged in talks with Pakistani officials to lift the ban on YouTube in Pakistan. Importance of the media tool like YouTube cannot be overemphasized, given its importance in business, commerce, education and other fields.

Final lap to elections

Samson Simon Sharaf

Elections 2013 will be crucial for the reconstruction of Pakistan’s parliamentary democracy, economic future, internal stability and control of non-state actors. The efficacy of parliamentary democracy and economic stability will rest squarely on the shoulders of good governance. Internal stability and control of non-state actors is a different story.

Ethnic minority group's funding “better spent elsewhere”

Peter Stanners

 A group representing ethnic minorities has lost its state funding after it last year invited a controversial Muslim scholar to speak at an anti-radicalism conference. Ny-Dansk Ungdomsråd lost its one million kroner in funding from the ‘satspuljen’ – a government fund set aside for projects helping marginalised social groups – due to resistance from the anti-immigration party Dansk Folkeparti (DF).

Paraguay and Pakistan - Distance Does not Matter

Ausberto V. Rodriguez Jara

Government of Paraguay has established its Honorary Consulate General in Islamabad recently for developing diplomatic relations with Pakistan. I am very pleased to share with you that this Honorary Consulate General has manifested satisfactory and appreciable performance during this short period. This Consulate office has achieved substantial progress to enhance and strengthen bilateral relations in different sectors of both the countries.

The battle which put an end to apartheid

Fidel Castro Ruz

THIS year marks the 20th anniversary (written in 2007) of the opening of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, in south-eastern Angola, which pitted the armed forces of apartheid South Africa against the Cuban army and Angolan forces. General Magnus Malan writes in his memoirs that this campaign marked a great victory for the South African Defense Force (SADF). But Nelson Mandela could not disagree more:

Challenges and Manufacturing Problems of Musharraf

Tazeen Akhtar

Pakistanis are so confused these days that they cant judge who their savior is and who is not. There were already many claimants while another made a dramatic return on March 24. Yes! He is none other than Gen (r) Musharraf. Interestingly the savior of poor Pakistanis flew home from U.A.E by a chartered plane instead of routine flight. And now we have another “savior” in town.

Packed and gone

{Dr A Q Khan} There is an old saying ‘bus ho chuki namaz, musalla uthaiye’. It is used to convey to the concerned person that there is nothing left to talk about and they had better leave. This saying aptly fits the circumstances surrounding Dr Tahirul Qadri’s ill-timed arrival and brief interference in political affairs.

Sectarian strife

Dr A Q Khan

In my last column I dwelt on the sectarian killings in the country. I quoted Quranic edicts stating that whosoever intentionally kills a Muslim is doomed to hell; a terrible and painful place. Most despicable here is that these so-called Muslims have distorted the image of Islam to fit their own ulterior motives. Islam is distinctive from other religions in many ways. The very name suggests total submission to Allah. When individuals voluntarily submits their total being to Allah, they are known as Muslims.

Dushanbe Conference on Water Cooperation

Jononov S. Sherali, Ambassador of Tajikistan

Tajikistanis hosting a High Level International Conference on water cooperation, in Dushanbe on 20-21 August, 2013, for the implementation of the water related Internationally Agreed Development Goals, and sharing of best practices on cooperation among various water users, under the auspices of the United Nations.

Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

Masood Khan

Statement by Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations at the Security Council thematic debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict before the 15-member Council on Feb 13, 2013.

Mr. President, Honourable Kim Sung-Hwan Foreign Minister of Republic of Korea

Geroge Washington, Abraham Lincoln and America

Richard Olson

Assalamu Alaikum,Welcome to this year’s President’s Day Celebration at the United States Embassy in Islamabad. It is my pleasure to be here with you today. As you may be aware, today’s celebration is in lieu of an event on our Independence Day, July 4. We are choosing to celebrate the 237 th year of the Independence of the United States on another holiday, President’s Day, so that our guests can enjoy the more clement weather of February.

Nawab of Bahawalpur Committed to Bahawalpur Province

Hayam Qayyum

Bahawalpur province movement was launched in 1970 when two activist were shot dead in General Yahya Khan regime and thousands put behind the bars including Prince Mamoon ur Rashid Abbasi while no movement for Seraiki province was initiated. According to Bahawalpuries, Abbasi family served the Bahawalpur state for more than three hundred years and they believe that it is not possible, a movement or a party with no history can serve the region the best.

Speaking the right language

Bushra Naz usually drops by the local markets after work to pick up cheap items and bargains just like other Beijing locals. After dinner she likes to lounge on the sofa and enjoy soap operas on TV or share the latest topics with her friends on her weibo, China's micro blog equivalent of Twitter. After spending 10 years in China, the 32-year-old Pakistani national has fitted comfortably into place and lives a life "much like numerous other local white-collar workers".