Nawaz Sharif Address to USPBC

Prime Minister’s Remarks at the
US-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC) Luncheon.
Washington DC 21 October 2013

Executive Vice President U.S. Chamber Myron Brilliant
Chairman Miles Young,
Executive Director Espie Jelalian,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be with you this afternoon at the US Chamber of Commerce – the world’s largest business organization.

Nomination is Milestone

By Sherry Rehman
She didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s totally ok. The award nomination is a milestone among many.
Malala Yousafzai, 16, is still proud and hopeful that she will move bigger mountains. So is mainstream Pakistan.

Without going into who got the coveted prize and why, we congratulate the OPCW for the important work they do, and set our gaze to the future.

The Goldilocks Moot

Sherry Rehman

BOTTOM LINE: My readout on this meeting is that it met its expected low bar. It didn't do more than break the diplomatic ice, which it was set to do. Nor did it evolve into an opportunity for some serious peace take-aways, which is the leadership need of the Asian century. So it stuck to the Goldilocks middle, no big chill, but no big thaw either.

The meeting reflected little change in the Indo-Pak cycle of circling back to Zero every so often.

Science of Harmoniousness

Prof. dr. Ahmad Gashamoglu -
The Science of Ahengyol (Harmoniousness) was firstly proposed in 2008 by the Azerbaijani Sociologist and Mathematician Ahmad Gashamoglu. It means the way to harmoniousness.

Pak-Turk Joint Declaration on Strategic Cooperation

Taking root from the brotherly and historical relations between our nations;

Recognizing with profound satisfaction the manner in which these relations have developed and matured over the years through genuine goodwill, respect, common interests and mutual cooperation;

Proceeding from a desire to further consolidate relations between the two countries through intensified political and economic cooperation by taking concrete and tangible steps in all spheres;

Welcoming the successful democratic election held in Pakistan in May 2013;

Istanbul - a jewel in the Turkish crown

Bashy Quraishy

In recent years, I have been visiting Turkey and particularly its dazzling and most cosmopolitan city-Istanbul on various occasions. Not only as a curious admirer of its awe-inspiring history, great landscape, magnificent cuisine, gracious people and famous hospitality but also to take part in numerous conferences, seminars and meetings with its political leadership.


What moved me to write was the fact that very serious events will be happening very soon. In our times, our species hardly spend ten or fifteen years without facing a true risk of disappearing. Neither Obama nor anybody else could ensure otherwise. I say this from a realistic perspective, since only the truth could offer to us a little more wellbeing and a breath of hope. We have come of age when it comes to knowledge. We have no right to deceive others or ourselves.

The overwhelming majority of the public opinion knows enough about the new risk ahead.

Tailoring Great Expectations

Fahad Humayun
He flew into Pakistan from Kabul on Monday with a tightly scheduled ten-hour itinerary in hand, only to later announce his decision to extend his visit until Tuesday and lunch with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Murree. Until late Monday afternoon the rumour mill was in overdrive with speculations that he would eventually fly out with a released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and possibly other key political prisoners, amidst a blitz of international publicity.

Anticipating the re-election of President Ilham Aliyev for third term.

M Asif Noor
Azerbaijan, known as "Tiger of Caucuses", will be going into presidential polls in October this year. With only few months left for electing the new head of state, unofficial polls are anticipating the re-election of incumbent President Ilham Aliyev for a consecutive third term.


What in the world is happening to America? All around us there are disturbing signs that the slow-motion collapse of society is accelerating. With each passing year, criminals seem to be getting more desperate and more twisted. Some of the sick things that some people are willing to do to their fellow human beings are simply beyond description. What kind of psychotic individual would hold elderly men captive for a decade in order to get their Social Security and veteran benefit checks?


Shamshad Ahmad
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently made a highly productive six-day visit to China, his first-ever foreign trip after assuming office. His Chinese counterpart Premier Li Keqiang too had included Pakistan in his first-ever foreign itinerary six weeks ago when he visited India, Pakistan, Switzerland and Germany.

During his meeting with the then prime minister-elect Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad, Premier Li – in his oriental civility and courteousness – expressed the hope that Nawaz Sharif’s first foreign visit will be to China.


However, there is more at stake in such community uprisings than mere opposition to the ban; the riots should also be seen against the background of the rising violence against Muslims in Europe.

Several violent attacks against Muslim women preceded the riots in France. One of the most severe incidents occurred on 13 June, when two men physically abused a 21 year-old pregnant woman.

Muslim women are increasingly the victims of violence.